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I’m African-Centered and My Wife Is White

This isn’t going to be a rant against Black women.  It’s also not an apology.

I’m an American-African*.  And I’m a real man. I have achieved a few things in my life. 2,818 more words

Genetic Survival

A Rising Tide Or A Wind Swept Wave

A rising tide lifts all boats but don’t mistake a wave for a tide.

The Corner

I live on The Corner.
The edge. The outside. The border.

I open my eyes. Fix my scarf. Rub my hands and breathe in.
.. And as I walk I feel the icy air bite right into my skin. 249 more words

Black Consciousness

Comfort in the Opposition

Like a sheep in wolf’s clothing I stand by idly as you hunt my brethren. Unable to howl my protests in a voice that will carry to your ears. 529 more words

Black Consciousness

Nanny Of The Maroons: Jamaica’s Warrior Queen

Nanny Of The Maroons: Jamaica’s Warrior Queen.

Queen Nanny or Nanny (c. 1685 – unknown, circa 1755), Jamaican National Hero was a well-known leader of the Jamaican Maroons in the eighteenth century. 227 more words

Black Consciousness

Interview | Akala: “Just because you listen to rap or reggae doesn’t mean you respect black people”

I have seen many articles and videos recently about the so called white-washing of hip hop and urban music, most notably recently its been Iggy Azalea. 84 more words


A word or two for the Baby Boomers

I do not trust you.

You have survived many wars of many kinds and faced difficulties in an age that I can just barely conceptualize. 522 more words

Black Consciousness