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Nanny Of The Maroons: Jamaica’s Warrior Queen

Nanny Of The Maroons: Jamaica’s Warrior Queen.

Queen Nanny or Nanny (c. 1685 – unknown, circa 1755), Jamaican National Hero was a well-known leader of the Jamaican Maroons in the eighteenth century. 227 more words

Black Consciousness

Interview | Akala: “Just because you listen to rap or reggae doesn’t mean you respect black people”

I have seen many articles and videos recently about the so called white-washing of hip hop and urban music, most notably recently its been Iggy Azalea. 84 more words


A word or two for the Baby Boomers

I do not trust you.

You have survived many wars of many kinds and faced difficulties in an age that I can just barely conceptualize. 522 more words

Existential Crisis

The Myriad of Black Experiences: Reflections From South Africa

Introduction: Various Thoughts

By: Tiffany Caesar

 “Sawubona…”, A person said to me while I was in the Johannesburg airport. I knew enough to get through an initial basic greeting, but after the speaker of Zulu sped off in a grandiose conversation, I had to politely say-“I don’t understand”. 2,709 more words

Dr Umar Johnson

Addressing problems in the black community. Dr Umar Johnson (The Prince of Pan-Africansim) is an inspiring black leader, not just a leading black who is unafraid of controversy, he keeps it 100% at all times and describes himself as “Unapologetically African” 15 more words


Dave Chappelle stands up to Hollywood!

Dave Chappelle is well known for his hit Comedy show, The Chappelle Show. What a lot of people dont know about Dave Chappelle, is that he walked away from a $50 Million dollar contract because he refused to wear a dress. 289 more words

Black Consciousness

Colourism: Discrimination based on skintone

Although most of us have a general understanding of racism, few consider the impact of skin color apart from race.

Colorism is a very specific form of discrimination based on the shade or tone of one’s skin. 142 more words