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What does it mean to be an AfriCan, not an AfriCan't?

The ‘I am an AfriCan Clothing Brand’ firmly asserts that the world should stop undermining the African masses. It is a brand that has incorporated pre and post-colonial Africa ideologies that continuously challenged and responded to the social myths that other racial groups were superior to others. 453 more words

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The Upright Man: Captain Thomas Sankara

Twenty-seven years ago, on October 15, during a staff meeting, a rogue military gang, either led or ordered by Blaise CompaoréThomas Sankara‘s close friend, ally and trusted comrade, assassinated the young Pan Africansist icon and anti-imperialism revolutionary, … 2,609 more words

Steve Biko

Ukuthwalwa is null and void

The United Nations is not an organization that will solve Africa’s problems. However, we are grateful for the least initiatives that are directed at addressing universal issues which, predominantly, sits in Africa’s womb. 437 more words

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is the expansion of black consciousness 

our efforts,
so we defy being the conversation
you shy away from at your dinner table… 93 more words


The emergence of an unnecessary black intellectual Skhothanism

The absence of desirable sound fiscal policies; plundering of state assets; nepotism; corruption; coups d’état; ethnic and religious wars; the exercise of absolute power by African leaders are shocking activities and events that reduce the bloodsheds and liberation movements to vain. 459 more words

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Paul Mashatile is a coward!!

When the Commander in Chief of the newly formed Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, was expelled from the African National Congress (ANC), he was expelled for his organized consciousness and braveness to raise issues that sit uncomfortably to bureaucrats. 176 more words

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To hell with Eugene Terreblanche heritage site!

A member of the North West Heritage Council, Themba Gwabeni, has proposed that the house that belonged to the cruel leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), Eugene Terreblanche, should be turned into an official heritage site. 233 more words

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