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If Goliath Should Boast


Remind him of the battle at Sandlwane,
Where spears crushed men faster than speeding bullets
And if he should boast about his victory over Dingane kaSezangakhona… 521 more words

African Pride

Art and Activism

‘Safa saphela isizwe esimnyama’, a distinct musical composition that came with Sarafina represented a craft of artist whose aim, apart from expressing art for its own sake, is to use their space to raise societal issues. 225 more words

Pan Africanism At Its Best

Black Consciousness Day - 20th November - Brazil

Zumbi, the heroic figure of Black Consciousness Day – 2oth November – Brazil

Today, 20th November, is a public holiday in Rio state and in some other parts of Brazil. 715 more words


Ms. America

Her eyes hang

Like Blacks in the 30s

Do you see

Her noosed vision

Do you see the

Chains of her eyebrows

Can you see… 414 more words

Generation X/Y

Why The Negroes Suffer

This blog does not contain much writing. Today I’m using poetry to get points across. Some of you may know I’ve been an educator, author and activist, but many don’t know that I grew up in Harlem as an aspiring Hip Hop emcee. 460 more words

Agyei Tyehimba

Black Consciousness

I’ve been reading a very profound book and it has prompted me to write this post. Steve Biko wrote “I write what I like”, it’s main focus is explaining or reiterating the idea of Black Consciousness. 567 more words

Kim K pics racist? ...I think not.

So Kim Kardashian’s derrière is all over the media (not for the first time) and it would seem that everyone has an opinion. It’s nice that we can all come together to speak out over such highly important matters… I posted a very nonchalant FB status about how irrelevant the matter is to my existence and was challenged by a friend to look into the racial undertones of Kim K’s latest magazine cover shoot for Paper. 1,175 more words