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The distortion of the Black Consciousness Philosophy by house negros

The Black Consciousness philosophy was and it is still an outstanding weaponry defensive shield that is readily available for black people to assimilate in order to liberate themselves from colonialist mental chains of inferiority. 264 more words

Black Consciousness

Black people define forgiveness better than the Oxford dictionary

Masters and Servants Acts of 1856
Mines and Works Act No 12 of 1911
Black Land Act No 27 of 19 June 1913
The Native Affairs Act of 1920… 465 more words

Black Consciousness

The church must reawaken the spirit of Activism

Churches fear to create a dialogue that enhances the importance of engaging in socio-political issues. Instead, the church limits itself in the interpretation of the scripture which is sometimes irrelevant and impossible to relate. 104 more words

Black Consciousness

Simple yet complicated

There is this man called Mulanza. There are quite a few variations to his name, but for the purposes of this piece we’ll use Lazisto. He is a plumber. 1,371 more words

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The I am an AfriCan Clothing Brand and the African Renaissance Philosophy

By Ndumiso Mbeki Jr Maseko

From his ‘I am an African’ speech that he delivered during the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Bill 1996 (Cape Town, 8 May 1996), former President Mbeki poetically expressed how he embraces his African identity and how he loves his motherland, Africa. 1,736 more words

Black Consciousness

Involvement of the African youth in the affairs of their continent

A speech that I delivered at a youth organized event in Soweto.

Programme director,
Leaders of youth organisations,
Distinguished guests,
Compatriots, comrades,
Sons and daughters of the glorious African soil… 2,776 more words

Black Consciousness

Open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan

Dear President Goodluck Jonathan

It is my utmost pleasure to write this letter to you. I wish it was a letter of a fatherly reconnection. I wish it was a letter politely requesting you, the Honourable President, to tell me folklore narratives about Nigeria’s great men and women who fought bravely to defend the Giant of Africa. 2,170 more words

Black Consciousness