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The Black Panther Party Ten Point Program


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Original 1966 Black Panther Party (BPP) Ten-Point Program.



From Bobby Seale’s… 788 more words


Man, let’s get something straight.

I’m am here to write Propaganda.

Make no mistake,

I’m here and I have an Agenda.

I pose my thoughts to you in protest. 265 more words

My Soap Box Dialogue To Society

"My journey started with a book" - Xolile Madinda on hip-hop, art and Steve Biko

Xolile Madinda, (left) core founder of the Grahamstown-based Fingo Revolutionary Movement and the Fingo Revolutionary Festival shares his thoughts on the necessity of making accessible, collective art. 231 more words

20 Years Of Democracy In South Africa

Quote of the Day

Appreciate and embrace the difference in others. The world would be a boring and dull place if we were all the same.

Creative Writing

I’m African-Centered and My Wife Is White

This isn’t going to be a rant against African women. It’s also not an apology.

Brothers, Stop Putting Our Sisters on Blast

I’m starting with that. 2,057 more words

Genetic Survival

A Rising Tide Or A Wind Swept Wave

A rising tide lifts all boats but don’t mistake a wave for a tide.

The Corner

I live on The Corner.
The edge. The outside. The border.

I open my eyes. Fix my scarf. Rub my hands and breathe in.
.. And as I walk I feel the icy air bite right into my skin. 249 more words

My Soap Box Dialogue To Society