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They Don't Care About You!

I was supposed to write this post about a week ago but life happened and I had to postpone. After all that has happened recently, it seems that I’m obligated to speak my piece with my piece. 977 more words


People Love Black, Culture Not Black People

People love black culture, not black people. What a strong statement to make; there is so much depth behind it all.

You can not turn on a television, radio, open a magazine or see a billboard that has not in some way been influenced by black culture. 189 more words

White Women STFU about About Telling Black Women how to feel....Feminism AGAIN =__=

Please Read Blog Rules Before Commenting. 

This mostly equates to the ‘strong black woman’ trope. Now I will borrow this screenshot from BB&W.

This type of shit pisses me off. 1,596 more words

Black Women

Has Love & Hip Hop's Mona Scott Young gone too far?


“Love and Hip Hop” executive producer Mona-Scott Young is experiencing extreme backlash after being accused of exploiting the black community for money through her various television shows. 363 more words

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Where is the Hope?

I haven’t posted for a while; someone I love has been desperately ill during the same time that the country has been coming apart amidst the tragedies of Ferguson and Staten Island and Cleveland and revelations of CIA torture. 1,011 more words


O’Reilly, Hannity and Rivera: Stay Out of Our Business

I enjoy writing a great deal. My passion is to write on Black literary culture, both historical and contemporary. But I felt the need to deviate because that very culture is under siege by right wing talk show hosts emanating from FOX television. 612 more words

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College Stories: The Tranny Lover

Happy Friday Readers.

In 2008 I became the second person in my family to attend college and the first to attend an HBCU.

I was thousands of miles away from home, in an unfamiliar land with other testosterone filled young people, AND full of mischief. 1,552 more words

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