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Signifying on the World Religions Paradigm: My Introduction to Religion Course

This fall I joined Elizabethtown College as an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. The department is situated in a comprehensive liberal arts college with historical roots in Church of the Brethren. 1,075 more words


Carver Library: Hub of African American Literary and Cultural Activity in San Antonio, Texas

If one were asked to identify the main cultural hubs for African American literary activity, San Antonio, Texas would probably not be in the mix. Cities with much larger Black populations would lead the list. 586 more words

Letter From Midwestern Jail

I am not in jail today. Physically speaking.

I am quite aware of and respect the difference.

My mind however.  My mind. I fight to keep my mind from the imprisonment that is laid upon me, daily.   1,006 more words

The Fire Challenge

The Fire Challenge

I learned to stay away from fire before I was 2 years old.

How old were you when you learned about fire? 264 more words

Mentoring Articles

Action Steps

Social media has been great for the black community in the last couple of years.  People are under the false impression that the killings of unarmed black men has been on the rise but, … 1,519 more words


The Facts Surrounding Ferguson

I have read tons of comments from a lot of people condemning the black community of Ferguson, Missouri for their protest over the murder of the unarmed black teenaged Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.  1,136 more words


This is What I'm Talking About When I Say That Modern Discussions on Race Issues are Nonconstructive

The featured image is just delicious soul food. I don’t know. Appreciate its awesomeness.

Yes, it’s another Ferguson post. Well, not really a Ferguson post. It’s a response to  6,398 more words