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The Boondocks: In Hindsight

Season 4 of the Boondocks was probably one of the best examples of Seasonal Rot, where a show gets progressively worse with each season. Which is sad, because the show had some of the cleverest writing, most beautiful animation, and likable characters I’ve seen in a long time. 725 more words


Universal Voices Episode 3

If you don’t know about this phenomenal show on YouTube, please go check it out. Diamond Cash, apiring videographer and phenomenal poet is working day and night to keep the culture of poetry alive through Universal Voices, webisodes that capture a plethora of poets, explore process, and everyone’s unique story. 23 more words


Jill Scott and Eve Discuss Iggy Azalea's "Black" Accent

Surely you have caught wind of the conversation about Iggy Azalea and her reach at “black culture”. Well, two of Hip Hop culture’s strongest voices, Jill Scott and Eve, spoke on that topic and the topic of black culture’s image in Hip Hop. 9 more words

Brians World

Divorcing Ethnicity and Culture

A few recent events have led me to think about society’s notions of ethnicity and culture. How many times have I heard an African-American comedian start a joke with “You know how it is with us Black people, we’re…”? 312 more words

Video: Chimpout by You Know Who at A Car Dealership

Chimpout at a car dealership.

Published on Oct 16, 2013

I saw this comment on youtube:

These inferior simians are a cancer in the world. Let’s be thankful that In Europe we don’t have boatloads of these savages (compared to the USA).

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Bad Bitches/Real Niggas

Maybe it’s me, or maybe it isn’t, but I don’t ever want to be identified as A Bad Bitch.

I think way too highly of myself to degrade my own image by referring to myself as any kind of bitch. 342 more words

Bad Bitches

Are You Watching Empire? It's an interesting one...

My roommate has put me onto yet another show and this time its Empire.

But I must admit, I’m a bit skeptical.

Although the Terrance Howard and Taraji P. 338 more words