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Thoughts on Reparations

Black people deserve reparations, yet I think it sends a mixed message: forgiveness can be purchased, and if that’s morally o.k. with everyone, then what amount of money can pay off hundreds of years of enslavement and abuse? 316 more words


Real Hip Hop Online Network Reaching Across the World Educating and Entertaining

Ryan Michael Downey

Streaming media is giving many people a voice who would otherwise would not have had one. One voice that is determined to be heard is that of… 523 more words

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How WE Feel in 2014

Students of color at Harvard and  Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus, are fed up with the institutional racism they say they have experienced, and are speaking out against it through a commanding photography project…thoughts?

The State of Hip Hop: Iggy Azalea and the Authenticity Principle


The Story

Ironically, I had heard the song but hadn’t paid much attention to Iggt Azalea. From listening to the song I expected it and the creator to fade into Rap oblivion too quickly to be worth the research. 760 more words


Getting You Ready For The James Brown Movie...

Godfather of Soul–James Brown 1933-2006

Alright Funksters. The new James Brown Movie, Get on up, is coming out on August 1st, and I’m getting you ready for that. 25 more words

Black Culture

Black Men: What Will It Take To Make You STAND UP?

Forgive me, but many people think that Black men haven’t stood up for anything since the days of the Black Panthers.

And come to think of it, I’m not really sure I can disagree with that. 555 more words

Black Culture

Why Iggy Azalea Doesn't Deserve All the Hate

Hey there, guys! Time for something a little different. To get this out of the way–I’m not one of those black college girls who writes microaggressions against me on a poster and gets my angry, shame-on-you picture on Buzzfeed. 2,937 more words

Cultural Appropriation