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Black Is Still Beautiful, Baby!!!!

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Y’all will have to forgive me this morning (when I’m posting this) but I’m feeling a certain kind of way right now….*listening to Incognito* The melodies are prompting thoughts in my mind and I am high off of family reunions, class reunions, cookouts, book promotion, and all the stuff you do in the summer months. 266 more words

Black Culture

What is a bae? And why are white people just starting to discover the word, anyway?

A few days ago, TIME and its writers decided to beautifully portray the peak of journalism with an article explaining the precise definition of the word “bae”. 439 more words


2014 UNCF Mellon Teaching and Learning Institute: Mapping the Future in Digital Humanities at HBCUs

In 2010 when the current Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Morehouse College, Clarissa Myrick-Harris, was the Director of The UNCF Institute for Capacity Building Curriculum and Faculty Enhancement Programs, she created a one day symposium called “To Be Young, Digital, and Black,” which sought to begin a conversation about the way HBCUs were addressing our students who were “digital natives.” Indeed, this was the first of a series of public forums dedicated to “UNCF Digital Media and Learning in Multicultural Contexts.” In the intervening years, not only are we still grappling with the pedagogical questions of how to teach students in a digital age, but also how to fashion ourselves as scholars in a time where the academic disciplines, themselves, have changed fundamentally. 412 more words

Black Culture

The State of Hip Hop: The Complexity of Progress

The Story

In recent news it was announced that Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, the mother of legendary Hip Hop producer J. Dilla has donated some of the late Dilla’s equipment to the Smithsonian to be included in the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 558 more words


The Other Side of the Spectrum

Featuring either mixed brothers and sisters or brothers and sisters  with albinism…”Blackness” is more than a skin tone!

Thoughts on Reparations

Black people deserve reparations, yet I think it sends a mixed message: forgiveness can be purchased, and if that’s morally o.k. with everyone, then what amount of money can pay off hundreds of years of enslavement and abuse? 316 more words