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Episode 33: Culture Shock (aka Doors) & A Side Note

A new episode ready to go! This is is a little short but it is definitely a fun one worth a listen.

Now for something not as fun. 312 more words


These Shows Out Here For E'rybody: How Black Television is Diluted for the Masses

After reading a Buzzfeed article entitled “The Stages Of Viewing TV While Black, As Told By The Fresh Prince,” I began indulging in my nostalgic feelings by watching episodes of “The Proud Family” (unrelated: as well as some clips from “Sister Act Two” * 257 more words

Ben Carson's Take On Ferguson

While looking up articles about Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri I ran across an article written by the black conservative Ben Carson.  You know, for a man that was an internationally renowned neurosurgeon he sure acts idiotic at times.  954 more words


Glad I woke up to this album, not too late. It’s fitful, fretful, not easily listened to, but undoubtedly going to be a very important and referenced piece of work. 516 more words

...and Then...

Dillon Taylor And The Race Card

I was tracking the latest news over the string of unfortunate incidents related to the shooting death of the unarmed black Michael Brown by white Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson, Missouri police department when I ran across an article about the shooting death of white Dillon Taylor by a black police officer in Salt Lake City, Utah.  1,251 more words


London's Notting Hill Carnival: Race, Class, and Dancing in the Rain

It’s easy to forget, with the noise and the hash cakes, that Notting Hill Carnival was created as an attempt to promote racial unity in an atmosphere of deep-seated intolerance and hatred. 829 more words


Signifying on the World Religions Paradigm: My Introduction to Religion Course

This fall I joined Elizabethtown College as an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies. The department is situated in a comprehensive liberal arts college with historical roots in Church of the Brethren. 1,075 more words