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Black Currant-Grape-Lime Jam

What you’ll need:

2 C black currants cleaned and stems removed

2 C red grapes cleaned

1 lime (juice)

1 1/2 C pure cane sugar… 75 more words


Berries and Cream Loaf

Another venture into the land of fruit themed dessert but there was never any doubt I’d love this cake, I’m a huge fan of anything containing the combination of berries and cream. 369 more words


Ice cream with liqueur and berries

When I started entertaining in my early 20’s, a very easy go-to dessert was ice cream with some Grand Marnier or Framboise¬†poured on top. The dessert featured here is slightly embellished incorporating berries and a sprig of mint. 164 more words


Black Currants: Ode to a Forgotten Fruit

On the fruit popularity scale, black currants would rank somewhere between, well, they probably wouldn’t even make the ranking. Relatively unknown in the US, due to a decades long growing ban finally lifted in 2003, black currants take center stage as a hugely popular “super food” in Northern Europe, Asia and Britain. 458 more words


Tough Love

The darker shade of blue, the more antioxidants (cell bodyguards) a fruit has.

If we are speaking of bruises, the shade of blue is directly correlated to the number of red blood cells gathered under the skin (which have left their blood vessels due to the impact). 255 more words