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Public Humiliation of the Black Man & Black Family

A few months ago, upon hearing the comments by Stephen A. Smith in regards to the domestic violence incident surrounding NFL-player Ray Rice and his then fiancé, Janay, I took to facebook to share my opinion and discuss the issue of domestic violence/victim blaming with friends and whomever cared enough to comment. 611 more words

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Why keep things a secret if it could possibly kill you?

I’ve yet to understand why health issues have been such a hard subject to speak on in black families. Millions of Black Americans hide secrets from there loved ones that could change there lives and the lives of other family members for the better. 126 more words

Black Families

Thank you for rocking with the Conversation Mixtape!!!

We did it!  Another dope and beautiful Conversation Mixtape! 

Much love to our featured panelists for the “Black Man’s Perspectives”: Rob Dz, Langston Evans, Kaleem Caire, Amadou Fofana, Michael Johnson, Ant Da HopeBoy, and Anthony Cooper Sr.  98 more words

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Emasculation - Let’s Cut It Out!

Emasculate: To castrate; deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.

I find it interesting that most women regard themselves as Queens or claim they’re a ride or die chick yet as soon as their man does something wrong they’re quick to say “fuck that nigga!” or “these niggas ain’t shit”. 1,049 more words

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Book Review: We Real Cool by bell hooks

We Real Cool is a collection of ten essays written by bell hooks on black men and masculinity. This features excerpts from various books and research on the inner workings of the lives of black men and their struggles in this white patriarchal society. 605 more words

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Black Family Reunion!

This upcoming Thursday through Sunday, The Community Empowerment Association is holding its annual Black Family Reunion. Community Empowerment Association utilizes an Afrocentric strategy of integrating culture, social identity and empowerment techniques to effectively achieve desirable goals and objectives within the African American communities. 83 more words

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