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Demonstrating that Black Lives Matter

Our purpose in life is to leave a legacy for our children and our children’s children. For this reason, we must correct history that at present denies our humanity and self-respect.  430 more words

Black Family

No scrubs? The dilemma of modern African-American women

By David Kaufman

November 2, 2014 | 7:13pm

Modal Trigger

Of all the questions posed by the Rachel Noerdlinger saga, the most confounding isn’t, “Why hasn’t the mayor fired her yet?” It’s “Can’t a woman like Noerdlinger do better than this guy?” 733 more words

Black Male Revolutionaries and Their Denial of Their Privilege

As an avid reader and an African, I have always loved books that focus on Africa and the revolutionary context of the social and economic struggles of its people. 744 more words

Learn About Where You Come From (Letter 19)


Dear Y.B.M.:

I trust that you are doing well today.

This is just a short letter to encourage you to learn more about your heritage and where you came from. 570 more words

How to Help the Poor

Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum laments the Democrats’ worrying trend with working class white voters and traces the discontent to lingering unhappiness with the Democratic tax and spend welfare state model. 1,116 more words