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Let Me Clear My Throat! Black Folks, Black Church, NAACP . . .

Let me clear my throat!

I recognize and understand that all black folks ain’t bad, all black churches ain’t bad and all NAACP members ain’t bad. 418 more words


The Black Church Should Teach Us About Our History Among Other Things That We As A Black Folks Need To Know!

Until the black churches begin to teach what our history means among other things that we as a black folks need to know, then it will continue to be a long time coming. 49 more words

Black Folks

Black Social Clubs or Bougie Clubs

When I was in my twenties I seen older folks, in their 40’s, becoming members or members of various social clubs. Black social clubs are local and national organizations that were created by those who may be considered the talented tenth. 514 more words



This is my take on the goings-on in New York City, DeBlasio, Sharpton. THIS IS IMPLICITLY MY OPINION. 

All the marches, murders, perpetual victimization will never accomplish anything for Blacks. 714 more words

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Did You Know That Government Documents Exists That Advocate Putting All Black Americans in Concentration Camps? – Melanoid Nation

For years, there have been certain government documents floating around that suggested the mass interment of Black people in America. Documents such as the King Alfred Plan have long been dismissed by government officials as works of fiction because it cannot be traced back to a specific author or origin. 52 more words

Black Folks

Black Folks Are Not Animals

Every time black folks do something bad or good they have got to associate them with something negative to attempt to justify why the black person is somewhat not human but must be an animal like. 212 more words

Black Folks