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This is pathetic

Our community uses old wrongs to justify imbecile like behavior. Some YouTube psychologist is trying to make an excuse for why women prefer the goons who will bring their demise or why men do stupid things like spawning 12 kids and he doesn’t have a pot to piss in. 363 more words

afternoons with big d: black peoples' pad thai

in this blog, you will find me speaking a lot about my mother. she’s awesome. and not only is she a bourgeoisie black, who loves npr and th opera, she also loves, loves, loves food. 408 more words

Muthuhphucking Pen Pimpin

"You Ain't Got No Job, Man!"

This is a rant.

I hate nigga shit. Not “black people shit,” strictly nigga antics. Ignorant folks doing ignorant shit.

But I live in DC, Nigga Shit capitol of the Free World. 1,284 more words

Getting To Know Me

Elevate Your Mind...WAKE UP!!!


I came across a video today of a young afro-american woman who was passionately sharing her viewpoint on “Black America” and how we need to raise our consciousness of things taking place in our world and communities. 598 more words

The Pacification of the Black Student: Stop the Excuses!

This topic is one that is near and dear to me, and one that I have thought about for quite some time. Black students in America today are at the bottom in terms of their education, as well as being educated. 950 more words