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WTH: What The Holiday?

Hey guys! I know it’s been a minute since you’ve heard from me, but my life has been full of craziness and I haven’t even had the time to be near my laptop. 332 more words

Discounts mode activated

Majority of people LOVE discounts, and Black Friday is the greatest time of the year to illustrate that.

However, maybe discounts are just not enough, so some people would try to bargain a little bit more. 2,081 more words

A Little "Haul"

Oh boy, I’ve gotten behind.  I knew it would happen.  This time of year is just nuts, for everyone I’m sure!  I promised a “haul” post, so here is a mini one:) 464 more words


Merry Fucking Christmas

As everyone probably knows, my mom is Jewish. However it may come to a lot of people’s surprise that growing up, we never had a “Hanukkah Bush” or a “Hanukkah Tree”. 891 more words

Pop Culture

A Catharsis Is Required: The Return of Black Friday, A Different Perspective

The pursuit of creative activities are often affected by the mindset of the individual involved. My writing is no exception.

This time of the year has an especially strong influence on my moods and I tend to go  through three stages. 1,382 more words


American Dream

Here are some places and things that inspired me on my journey through Las Vegas and California. ✌️