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Have You Seen How The Army Is Attacking Black Hairstyles? [VIDEO]

The army has a thing about black hair. Army officials have decided that twists, dreads, flat twists and most natural hairstyles are unacceptable.

So, what does the army allow? 42 more words


A Message from a Relaxed Hair Girl

I love how people tend to think that there is no stigma with regards to relaxed hair.

Beauty & Trends

Do the Mini Twist!

Here are pictures on how I’ve been wearing my mini-twists for the past couple of weeks. I’ll talk about  how I maintain them, wash them, and set them up for bed! 48 more words

My Natural Thoughts

My cousins love me

I am very late writing this, but I wanted to share. So, I am the hairstylist for two of my cousins. Recently, they both came to get their hair done on the same week. 393 more words

Perm Rod Set | Styling My Sister's Hair

My sister is also a natural hair beauty, but she has a child and not a lot of time. Accordingly, she usually keeps her hair in sew-in’s, but she wanted to take a little break so she has been doing perm rod sets. 220 more words

Natural Hair

Vixen Weave

so i kept seeing these girls with ponytails and buns on the top of their weaves and i was just so confused. after some research i discovered the… 51 more words


Nappy – The Other ‘N’ Word

I had an argument with a coworker a while back.  We both were so excited that natural hair is not just a trend with many black people, but for many of us, it seems to be a part of our way of life.  296 more words

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