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Cover Letter Optimization Hacks - Which colour hat do you wear?

The job hunt is a grind,

and in today’s ever connected world it seems that all you are doing is hitting submit. With less and less human to human contact until the latter stages of the application process, the means by which a candidate gets noticed have changed. 530 more words


Free Radicals [Preview] Chapter 1: "Sailing All Alone"

It struck me as odd that while I am a fiction writer, but all the posts on this little blog o’ mine are non-fiction, article-like. This simply will not do. 1,880 more words

Search Engine Optimisation

Reading and learning a lot on how to use SEO in a good way, so that I don’t upset Google. White hat SEO is the way to go. 16 more words

The News, As It Is, As It Was And As It Shall Be :)

The Difference between White Hat & Black Hat SEO

Firstly a preliminary question – why on earth are they called ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ in the first place? Well, the answer to that is that these are simply internet slang terms for an ethical security expert and a malicious or selfish hacker. 278 more words


What are hackers, really?

Think of the word hacker and you conjure up images of introverts hunched over  a computer screen in a dark surroundings.

Generally, the word ‘hacker’ is thought to give out a negative vibe, but in reality, for the most part, it is not so.

Tesla Cars Hackable - Protected by 6 character Password

The high tech Tesla electric car that received 5 stars in safety apparently could be hacked by cracking a 6 character password.

Black Hat Asia presenter and security researcher Nitesh Dhanjani explained last week that the car could be locked and unlocked by cracking a short password. 142 more words

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