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Visiting 1814 sites on the Mississippi and upper Great Lakes

Guest post by Carl Benn

The bicentennial of a number of War of 1812 battles that took place on the Mississippi River and across the upper Great Lakes occurs this summer. 1,120 more words

American History

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Carl Benn at the JHU Press Blog has posted a blog about the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the battles that raged between the United States, Britain, and Native Americans along the Mississippi River. In 1814, the United States sought to reestablish control over the Mississippi and attacked British and allied Native American troops. Ultimately, the United States' incursion was unsuccessful and the British maintained control of the upper Mississippi and Great Lakes. Benn's post discusses the 1814 conflict in the Mid-West and provides the dates for when battle re-enactments will be occurring in both the United States and Canada.

Can You Yada Yada History?

The TV show Seinfeld had a memorable episode called “The Yada Yada.”  In the episode, a number of conversations involved a story in which a part was described with the words “yada yada, yada.”   Usually that is used to skip over some unimportant parts to a story, but in this episode, it was used to cover up some other events–sexual encounters, shoplifting, and other things. 164 more words

American Indians

Now, Naming Military Helicopters After Native American Tribes Is A ‘Propaganda’-Fueled ‘Injustice’

This is from Independent Journal Review.

I have always wondered how long before this political correctness would spill over to military helicopters.

Sadly, it is going to get worse. 408 more words

The Jon-Eric and Abe Show #63

The Boys drink the Black Hawk cocktail, take a whirlwind tour around the country and discuss the merits of processed meat.


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I've Gotta Learn to Count Cards

My dad was here last week to help me move, and we went to the casino. (Because nothing says “Happy Father’s Day,” like “Please help me move all of my stuff across town,” and also “Let’s go eat all-you-can-eat crab legs and gamble away all of your money.”) 443 more words

Woman Arrested After Man Shot To Death In Black Hawk Hotel

BLACK HAWK, Colo. (CBS4) – A suspect is in custody after a shooting death in Black Hawk.

The shooting happened Tuesday morning inside a room at the Isle Hotel and Casino. 108 more words


Sikorsky Black Hawk Walk Around

Resupply and Troop transport are routine missions conducted everyday in Afghanistan. Marine Cpl. Clayton Rogers tags along with a Black Hawk crew from Forward Operating Base Fenty to see what goes into getting missions like these off the ground. 11 more words