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Africans in Georgian London: Cesar Picton and his World in Film and Records

Kingston University’s Centre for the Historical Record and The National Archives will be presenting an evening of discussion and films on the life of Cesar Picton and other Africans in Georgian London on November 11. 581 more words


Black History Month special: Timothy Thomas Fortune (October 3, 1856 – June 2, 1928)

1856 – June 2, 1928)

Born a slave, he dedicated his life to the improvement of black standing in society through writing and publishing literature. His father Emanuel Fortune, became a member of the 1868 Florida constitutional convention and the state’s House of Representatives, but was mired by threats from the KKK continuously, exposing Timothy Thomas Fortune to deep white racism. 98 more words

Black History Month

Black History Month special: Thurgood Marshall (July 2, 1908 – January 24, 1993)

First African American justice, he was first a lawyer and was victorious in the case Brown v. the board of education which desegregated schools in America. 78 more words

Black History Month

Black History Month - Oct 19th - Aunt Jemima

Many people know and love Aunt Jemima Pancake mix , but the history behind the brand and others like Uncle Ben, is a little less known. 273 more words

Black History Month

Long time: first date

She looked away, annoyed that he should have seen her looking up and down the street. Looking for someone. His grin got wider with every step he took, teased by every novelty he was able to detect about her, even from that distance — new hairdo, make-up, nails, new clothes (nice little figure), my God — so that by the time he had reached the bus-stop, James Dunbar was brandishing the irrepressible smile of an admirer. 1,125 more words

Long Time Walk On Water

Unspoken Barriers Photo exhibition... Journey through Afro-Brazilian Culture

When LCC Vice President Bee Tajudeen announced open submissions for a Black History Month exhibition, I took the opportunity to enter some of my projects done in Brazil during my 3 month stay 266 more words