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Not That I Love Nolan Less, But That I Love A Good Story More.

I finally got to watch Interstellar yesterday. This was one movie I was waiting for and when it finally hit the theaters I couldn’t find the time to go and watch it. 794 more words


Interstellar: A Brief Review

Interstellar is a fascinating movie, from the point of view of visual effects, sound, and plot. Read on for a brief intro (no spoilers), a glance at the stunning visual effects and riveting score. 443 more words

Computer Generation

The Death of a Star: The Kobe Bryant Story

The other night I went to a movie with my wonderful girlfriend. The movie was the new Christopher Nolan flick, Interstellar. The movie was awesome, telling a tale of human kind being forced to find a new home in a distant galaxy through space travel and astrophysics and other stuff that was way above this guy’s head. 474 more words


Watch a Black Hole Get Evicted From a Galaxy

A couple of years ago, astronomer Michael Koss was searching the heavens for active galactic nuclei (AGN). In plain English, those are giant black holes, lurking in the cores of galaxies, which swallow matter so voraciously that the gas they gobble heats up to an incandescence visible billions of light-years away. 631 more words


At this point, I honestly don’t know what hurts worse: people asking me, “How are you?” (As if there’s a good answer for this question)  or people ignoring and talking to me like nothing’s going on, like I haven’t just found out that my hopes and dreams are most likely broken. 136 more words

Black Hole Paradox

Ever since I was a young child and viewed the Disney movie Black Hole (1979) starring actors Maxmilian Schell, Yvette Mimieux, and Ernest Borgnine to name a few, I was deeply curious or trapped like light is within this phenomenon.  1,092 more words