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Collapsing Stars

I never knew I could collapse
Dying star inside my soul
Reassuring myself of tomorrow
But all I can feel is crushing
Weight bending light into nothing… 17 more words


Scientific curiosity...

Did you know that a black hole is like boiling water that emits steam until there is no more water? In the same way, the black hole emits radiation until all the evaporation is done? 9 more words

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The Gaming Black Hole

Recently a new game,called Destiny, was launched. I have absolutely no doubt you have heard of it, thanks to a relentless marketing campaign, by creators Bungie… 363 more words

Apple Black Hole - (A Concept i-phone of 2020)

Founder of Apple.Inc Steve Jobs one’s said “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works” is now again being proved by Jasselin Zaigouche by introducing the incredible design , the… 258 more words


Mira, un Lobo II

One more cover for the music project “Mira, un Lobo”. This one ended up a little dark but I think it’s a good illustration of this  new remix.  30 more words


Energy vamp

I bleed light of stars.

Drink from me

my love, and shine.

Take my light and run.

Forgive me, the void left.

Fear me,

misunderstand me, 38 more words


How Do Black Holes Spew?

One fact about black holes has long puzzled me: I’ve read in a number of articles that black holes will from time to time violently discharge a mix of matter and radiation. 307 more words

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