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The First Observed SMBHB?

SMBHB stands for Super Massive Black Hole Binary. If the results get confirmed, this shows that we have observed inactive SMBHBs for the first time ever! 229 more words


The Tangible Darkness

I am usually a happy person. But I have depression and anxiety and sometimes there are things I can control and things I cant. I usually know my triggers. 491 more words

Empathic Nature

New painting: Event horizon

This is my new painting Event Horizon based on a black hole. ¬†I have been reading Stephen hawking’s book, Black holes and baby universes, this painting is inspired by it, although some of it makes for difficult reading.

Camouflage Artwork

Some People...

Some people are just so goddamn courageous that i can be burned to death¬†whenever i get to talk to them…

Some people are so goddamn nice and friendly that i’m blinded by their bright aura… 445 more words


Black Hole

the sadness deep within

runs like a still, silent stream

it rushes through me

in an ever increasing intensity

the shadow of my recent life… 107 more words


Bad thinking: photons versus the matter wave

In my previous post, I wrote that I was puzzled by that relation between the energy and the size of a particle: higher-energy photons are supposed to be smaller and, pushing that logic to the limit, we get photons becoming black holes at the Planck scale. 1,709 more words


Hitching a ride on a black hole, part IV: Going on an 10gnt

You might be wondering why I picked 10g as the star drive’s acceleration and whether it is gives you much vs a leisurely 1g or less. 1,211 more words