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'Perfect Storm' Quenching Star Formation Around A Supermassive Black Hole

High-energy jets powered by supermassive black holes can blast away a galaxy’s star-forming fuel, resulting in so-called “red and dead” galaxies: those brimming with ancient red stars yet containing little or no hydrogen gas to create new ones. 148 more words


Housewife 101

I fell into a Fabric Land black hole yesterday. I decided to dust off the ole sewing machine and sew a dress for the holidays. So off I went searching for a fabric store in the Kootenays. 168 more words

Black hole trash can

Might be kind of convenient until it grew too big and swallowed the whole planet.

The other day I found a black hole.

In my kitchen, blacker than coal. 198 more words

Earthy Story

AVR Backup support saves money and relationships

It’s me, I crash the family car.

Luckily, my wife can almost never be blamed for any of our car incidents. If she were to cause some trouble, I would probably stigmatize her and blame her for being a typical woman. 550 more words


Black holes - the basics

Black holes are one of those bits of physics that has caught the public imagination. There are more popular culture references to black holes than I could possibly mention, but one of the latest is the black hole that features prominently in Christopher Nolan’s new film, … 421 more words


Interstellar is a science fiction movie set in the very near future, when global crop die-off has obliterated the world’s food supply to the point where armies are dismantled. 961 more words

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Scientists Prepare to Capture the First Black Hole Photograph

A psychiatrist by profession, Richard Pines of Boise, ID, enjoys studying astronomy in his free time. Richard Pines has studied at the Adler Planetarium and now uses three telescopes of his own to view the skies from his home in Boise, ID. 184 more words

Richard Pines