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A new meaning for "Black Friday"

While everyone else is out shopping after sleeping off their turkey high, NASA has something different in mind for Black Friday.

Here’s some fun facts and information about black holes for your Black Friday. 220 more words


Between Spaces

I write
As I might
But I can’t seem
To get it quite right

These words
They get lost
In between

And the black hole.


UK faces demand for £34bn from the EU

What the Papers Say (Telegraph)

Auditors have identified a black hole in European Union budgets that could lead to extra demands for cash from the British taxpayer of up to £34 billion over the next six years. 154 more words


Mystery Object in Space: A Rogue Black Hole or Strange Supernova?

An object previously thought to be a supernova may actually be a black hole ejected from its home galaxy.

Further observation should provide a definitive answer, but whatever the outcome, the object is unique: If it is a supernova, it’s a new breed that radiates for decades, while most supernovas burn out in less than a year. 680 more words

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Dwarf Galaxy

By: Tyler Arsen

On a clear night, it is estimated that between 2,500 and 5,000 stars are visible in the sky. This seems like a large amount…and it is! 338 more words