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Black Hole Meditation

Sitting in meditation the other night I thought to myself, “I Myself Black Hole.” I imagined being a massive black hole at the center of a galaxy, billions of stars orbiting around me, holding the whole galaxy together with my massive gravity. 653 more words

Notes on: Interstellar

Spoilers for Interstellar and Sunshine

I liked that Coop, as a scientist, always had that little notebook in his chest pocket. You never know when you might need a paper and a pen… 673 more words

Perplexed reality

What used to be my reality is now my escape from reality.

In this hole I have old friends, old enemies, old habits. Every time I come back here I pick up right where I left off. 107 more words

united space postal star-serve

Photo (c) Bastet / GSK 2014

Neither comet tail dust nor neutron shower nor super-nova nor the black hole of night stays these space couriers from the slipstream completion of their appointed cosmic rounds. 218 more words

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Back to the Black

Yesterday I felt the pull of the black once more. I bought some upgrades and re-fitted my Cobra for exploration once again. Advanced system scanners, a more efficient fuel scoop, more powerful shields. 1,074 more words