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Don't kill out black youth

I am posing today because really I just need to vent. When black people get upset about issues in the media White America, please be sensitive and understanding. 219 more words

Tribes, Gangs and Staying Alive

For over three years I lived in the ghetto, right across the street from Bee’s Mansion, a magnificently crumbling crack house. I moved there on purpose as a missionary to work with disadvantaged kids. 832 more words

Human Nature

The Lazy Form of Grief

Rioting is the lazy form of grief and the dysfunctional form of protest. However, it comes from a place of isolation, frustration, and despair and that is essential to note. 568 more words

Book Review (and Reflection): Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And other conversations about race by Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

I attended a predominately Latino high school on the south side of Chicago, with the next biggest racial make-up of students being African American. I remember one day, a white gym teacher condescendingly told us (a group of black students, including myself) that we should go read about why are all the black kids sit together in the cafeteria, referring to this book by Dr. 1,466 more words