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Florida’s Direct File Harms Youth

The Human Rights Watch Report “Branded for Life:  Florida’s Prosecution of Children as Adults” explains that although most US states do not allow direct file (sending juvenile offenders straight to adult court with no intermediary hearing), Florida continues to charge juveniles as adults more than any other state.  351 more words

"Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline" hypothesis grounded in research

The topic of marginalization of Black children, especially Black male children, in the U.S. education system is one that has recently garnered public attention. It is commonly known that the treatment of children in early childhood has major implications for their development and trajectory into adolescent and even adulthood. 277 more words

Mpls. Public Schools Open Black Male Initiative Office To Address Graduation Crisis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Public Schools has one of the worst graduation rates for black males in the country. In response, the district is starting a Black Male Initiative office to address and correct the problem of low graduation rates. 332 more words


These Little Boys Talking About Love Will Break Your Heart [WATCH]

Nicole Franklin decided that it was time that young Black males had a chance to communicate their feelings about love. So she headed to one of the most unloving cities in the U.S. 372 more words

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Veteran "Baked To Death" At Riker's Island Due to Malfunction

NEW YORK (AP) — A malfunctioning damper diverted heat to the top level of a two-tier observation unit where a city official told The Associated Press a mentally ill, homeless veteran inmate “basically baked to death” in a cell that was at least 100 degrees last month, the head of New York City’s jails system told lawmakers Thursday. 818 more words

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"Waiting For Excuses For The Inexcusable": When Talking About The Third Rail Of American Conscience, Brace For Dumb Excuses

What excuses will they make this time?

Meaning that cadre of letters-to-the-editor writers and conservative pundits who so reliably say such stupid things whenever the subject is race. 597 more words


White House and EBONY Magazine Partner to Launch a National Summit to Help Black Boys Succeed

The White House has partnered with EBONY magazine to launch a national summit series with the hope of brainstorming new ways to help Black boys succeed in school and in life. 136 more words