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"Obligations To Justice": Eric Holder And Robert F. Kennedy’s Legacy

When he announced his leave-taking last week, Attorney General Eric Holder spoke of Robert F. Kennedy as his inspiration for believing that the Justice Department “ 739 more words


"The Usual Sorry For Your Loss": Ferguson Police Chief’s Sad Excuse For An Apology

It took four hours for the police in Ferguson, Mo., to remove the body of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager killed by a police officer, from the street where it lay. 468 more words


Halloween 13, might not be so mean....

Today, September 22nd, 2014 marks the completion of 13 years on planet earth for my son. Today, I officially have a teenage son and he remains to be the greatest experience I have ever been a part of. 487 more words


Why I Still Teach

I have often said that if there is one reason why I would leave teaching, I mean actually pack up my bags and say “Adios!” “Hey, It’s been real.” “Hasta, la vista, baby!” is the day I have finally had enough of student apathy —a growing disaffection with learning among students. 1,028 more words

The Pull Your Damn Pants Up Challenge...You Down?

Yes much like the ALS challenge, Malik King has created a challenge to young black males, but is it warranted?  Watch the CNN debate with Dr. 28 more words

Philly Morning Show

Time for a new emergency number like, say, 119

In addition to Ferguson, St. Louis, and other stories, I keep reading, seeing, and hearing stories like this:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/08/28/1325409/-St-Paul-police-violently-arrest-a-black-man-for-sitting-on-bench-waiting-for-his-children-VIDEO#comments.  It’s not just blacks who are subject to police brutality, but it sure looks like blacks receive the worst of it, time after time, innocence notwithstanding, and black males especially.   165 more words

Black Males