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General Order Number 11 of 1862

Most of us wince at the mention of generalized bigotry and oppression of minority and ethnic groups within the borders of the United States.  Unfortunately, the history of prejudicial oppression is as old as the Republic, itself.  886 more words


The Biggest Hurdle to Ending the Drug War?

This may well be an unusually brief blog on this subject but it’s clear there are no reasonable arguments to be made for the continued social policy of prohibition and criminalisation of drugs, the spurious suggestion that removing these barriers to taking drugs will encourage significant uptake is farcical.   277 more words


How to Smuggle a 2 ton terracotta warrior out of China Part 1

Terracotta Army Discovered in China (1974): On March 29, 1974, three farmers were drilling holes in the hopes of finding water to dig wells when they came upon some ancient terracotta pottery shards. 342 more words


$500,000 First Day on the Job!

I should first make it clear. Dan was not a drug smuggler or an exotic animal poacher. He smuggled priceless antiques, art, relics, and national treasures. 250 more words


Tales of the Black Market

In 2004 I met Dan ‘The Fatman” in a bar in Hollywood. He was coked out of his mind. I drove him back to his palace in the Hollywood Hills. 46 more words


Subliminal Scribble 24

The BLACK-MARKET: A place where any man, even the most poor, can afford to live in style. Governments may fail, but criminal activity will never let you down. 61 more words

Venezuela isn't Germany in 1938, it's Germany in 1921

On September 1st this year, Bs.87 would buy you $1 in Cúcuta. Today, those same 87 bolos will buy you 50 cents. That’s a 100% rise in the price of a black market dollar in just over one quarter. 109 more words


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