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Pricelist 14 April 2014
(*) BM Area:
8830 = 450
8520 = 950
8900 = 700
9000 = 750
9320 = 1.450
9360 = 1.300… 276 more words

Balckberry Bm Murah

Hoquiam Police are not Tolerant of Transients in the area. It's best to stay away; Washington

While hanging out in Hoquiam library parking lot, I had a police man stop and question me. It occurred after 12 midnight. He was very persistent in trying to get some kind of story from me for some reason. 859 more words


No good intention goes unpunished

I find being open and honest something that can be thrown around but really only reserved for your significant other and very closest friends and family. 241 more words
Ranks & Snark

Reform Now

Global News Post published an article on the good of the War on Drugs. The authors of this post argue that prohibition of certain drugs such as marijuana or alcohol for example, create a bigger problem. 538 more words

War On Drugs

Dark Market : Trade is not a crime

Last night, while you were sleeping, three guys at a hackathon in Toronto created a free market. You are probably thinking, what does that even mean? 721 more words

Reason for poaching

There are several reason to the demand for rhino poaching in South Africa.
There is a demand in East and South East Asia for rhino horns and is used mainly as an ingredient for traditional medicine and has also been marketed to be a cure for cancer. 177 more words

South Africa