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Wyrd Calling - Angel Feathers.

Wyrd Calling opens the Wyrd Bound series with Thalia being dragged back to her role as Wyrd Bound. What on Earth does that mean? Wyrd Bound means that she was quite literally made by the Wyrd Sisters (the Norse fates) to help them keep balance. 1,247 more words

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15-Year Old Entrepreneur Suspension From School Is Just Pathetic

A school in Manchester has threatened to suspend a young entrepreneur for selling confectionery and drinks to fellow pupils in order to raise the money to put himself through university. 409 more words

Fight The Drug War

My perspective on drugs policies, regulations and usage were always badly received by the general public.

I truly believe that the current policies and regulations regarding drugs usage/acquaintance throughout the world don’t benefit the public, only benefit the people involved in those illegal transactions. 203 more words

Changing Life

Gas Prices

You may have noticed gas prices are down. The media has different explanations for this but as we know our trusted media can usually not in fact be trusted. 146 more words

Black Market

REVIEW: Rise Against @ O2 Guildhall, Southampton

The set-up for the show was beautiful – from the Black Market banner, to the rugs that were laid on the floor, and the big bold letters that lit up, spelling out RISE in dimensional multicolour. 575 more words


Baby factories. Blood Trafficking. Ritual sacrifice.

Today I decided to bring on some darker elements of the already dark trafficking world. Trafficking for blood & body parts for obscure religious rituals, and baby factories. 878 more words

Human Trafficking

Black Hole Sun by Black Market brewing

Rating: 6/5

Black Hole Sun by Black Market brewing is a 15% ABV Russian Imperial Stout.

Because of the gravitational pull of Black Hole Sun, no light can escape. 609 more words

Anime Beers :P