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Prosecutors Trace $13.4M in Bitcoins From the Silk Road to Ulbricht’s Laptop

If anyone still believes that bitcoin is magically anonymous internet money, the US government just offered what may be the clearest demonstration yet that it’s not. 796 more words

Black Market

India's black market now a red market

When I was in India, there was a booming black market. Walking down a busy street, someone was bound to ask, “Change money?” Now it’s seems the colour’s changed. 99 more words


More misinformation

Reading the alleged comments of our Justice minister (full of misinformation) I thought I may highlight some other things, Ive seen & heard about Cannabis/’Marijuana’ (‘Reefer madness’ etc.): 307 more words


Why women every now and then? Forgive me please; mother wanted a girl child for a true reason. Forget it! It is not only women who steal children. 381 more words

Millions stolen: Inside the elaborate Bitcoin scams of Tadas Kasputis, EgoPay, Virtex.com & Paymentbase


Mt Gox has become the ongoing meme for any negative story in the Bitcoin space. It is, and remains to date the largest loss by any Bitcoin exchange, but unlike what we are about to describe to you, it was anything other than elaborate: it was either a case of hacking or insider theft. 1,341 more words

Black Market

Here’s the Secret Silk Road Journal From the Laptop of Ross Ulbricht - Wired

Ross Ulbricht is currently on trial for allegedly running the black market site Silk Road. Excerpts from a private journal the FBI found on his laptop.


Bitcoin Exchange Operator Sentenced to 4 Years for Silk Road Transactions

Robert Faiella (L), the accused co-conspirator of Bitcoin promoter Charlie Shrem (not pictured), walks out of federal court in Lower Manhattan, New York September 4, 2014. 400 more words

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