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“The Politics of Jesus” and “#BlackLivesMatter”: Ferguson as Movement

“The Politics of Jesus” and “#BlackLivesMatter”: Ferguson as Movement

by Ahmad Greene-Hayes, Co-founder

This past weekend I traveled to Ferguson, Missouri as part of the #BlackLivesMatter freedom ride to demand justice for slain black teenager Mike Brown, whose murderer, police officer Darren Wilson is on paid leave and has yet to be arrested. 2,528 more words


Protests in Ferguson, Missouri: What does it say about black masculinity?

I was glad to discover this picture via Twitter for one reason: its subject is a black man fighting back. Never-mind the bag of chips in his left hand, its a captivating image of a black man rearing back his right hand with torso draped in the American flag, outstretched legs, and flowing dreadlocks working in unison to protest the brutality of Michael Brown, himself, and every black man in America. 298 more words

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