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An ode to black men (for the last day of Black History Month)

Dear Black men,

It’s the end of another black history month, and I haven’t really acknowledged it all that much. Maybe because I was lazy, or too tired, or didn’t google enough events, or maybe because I have mixed feelings about the concept. 598 more words


Poem: I Miss You

I miss you
We use to crack jokes and laugh for hours on end;
We were literally inseparable; it’s impossible to calculate the hours together we’d spend. 376 more words

Black Men

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by FCKH8.com

This DID shock me a bit, in a good way.  Overall I love the FCKH8 campaign.  It’s bold, irreverent and totally in your face!  On the other hand do we really want to instill the fear of rape into 10 year old girls?

Better Angels

Mixing Up[ward]: Harmful Trope

So I did a thing and like any good Millennial, I wrote a thing about the thing I did–so that I knew I’d done a thing. 906 more words

Somewhat Daily Musings

Is it really a question if officer Darren Wilson should be prosecuted for the murder of Mike Brown?

Will Mike Brown’s Killer Avoid Charges in Ferguson? Cops Stockpile Riot Gear Amid “Troubling” Leaks

Where is the equal justice in cases like this? – It’s absent in a day where skin color still motivates crime and police officers are protected by corrupt law enforcers. 11 more words


Black Men Ski, The Luxury of Opinion & Other Stories

Dispelling stereotypes has been a de-facto ‘calling’ of mavericks. Like a mantle not asked for, just bestowed upon your head to carry all your life. To borrow from Toni Morrison, it’s distracting. 348 more words


[burden of a black man] dwight's story

ed. note: similar to last week, this week’s story reminds me of the responsibility we have to ourselves as a group/community to make sure our sons grow up to be black men with less burdens.  307 more words

Black Men