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Sheryl Underwood shares an explosive secret on The Talk

Today on The Talk Sheryl Underwood revealed a long held secret. She share with the audience how years ago she was on a conference call with two fellow comediennes and they did not know she was on the call. 62 more words

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Did Black Men Give Up On Black Women?

“No matter where you are from your dreams are valid.”

Lupita Nyong’o

This post is an observation of social media.

In the past couple of weeks women of color have been in many headlines.

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Response to "New Black Man" by Mark Anthony Neal and "Scripting the Black Masculine Body" by Ronald Jackson

Neal and Jackson both write about definitions of gender and its relation to society. Both readings illuminate the importance of understanding deeper meanings of black masculinities and identity in general. 192 more words

Carceral Masculinity

            The prison system is a structuring mechanism of racial control in society.  “Carceral masculinity” is masculinities that are informed by relation to prison.  The prison is infused into black popular consciousness and culture.   1,136 more words

Being Hard

Byron Hurt’s Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, shows that representations of masculine standards of hardness create issues in popular culture, so it is important to make sense of the desire to “be hard.”  In Urban America, being hard is an expression of black masculinity and an active mechanism in black men’s lives.  948 more words