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Black Ops Surprise!

Black ops are those operations done by the shade government, which operates in the shadows of the known government, and is far more powerful, but either of these arms of human civilization, are nowhere near the power, the energy, the wealth, etc. 312 more words

Black Ops

Call of Duty... If I looked like Megan Fox

I know it’s never clever to make assumptions – but I don’t think many ladies play Call of Duty. I said ladies, because…I’m talking about women who hold steady jobs & wear high heels. 539 more words


VinceThePrince Gaming Blog!

Hey guys its vince and this is my blog! My youtube channel has over 50 subscribers and over 1000 total views! I make videos on games such as fifa 15, COD and also vlogs. 37 more words

Black Ops

Zombie Record

Proof: Leaderboards, Solo, Buried, #49 (under all the hackers), round 129


Even if you don’t believe it, it’s legit, that’s 4 days of my life I won’t get back and it’d be cool to get credit for it. 46 more words

Black Ops 2

Popular Multiplayer Games Play For Free Online Cracked Style


9-12-14: Initial release.

9-23-14: Plusmaster for black ops 2 was shut down, so I linked a new video tutorial.

When you are a gamer and tutorial enthusiast like me, you are always on the hunt to do the most badass game tutorials out there, right? 109 more words


Microsoft Reveals Blue Xbox 360 Bundle

What was initially speculations and a blurry Walmart ad clipping is now a reality. Microsoft has finally posted the blue 500 GB Xbox 360 to their site. 91 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisition's Love Interests & Why Blind Hate to Developers Does Not Help Anyone

Paul talks about the issue of blind hate towards developers and publishers in the gaming industry and its poor impact. 744 more words