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August 4, 2013 at 7:18pm
Yeah! And then one has a top insomnia until 10 am staying awake thinking and writing and thinking and writing… Finally falls asleep with a big difficulty. 185 more words


well behaved women rarely make history

i’ve been thinking recently about how, as a feminist, a good deal of my media is created by men or centers around men. now, i have nothing against men making music or anything (fall out boy holla!), i just feel that as a human being who is a female i desire to better understand what it means to be a woman. 607 more words

Fatal Black out at Priory Bridge

On Friday 10th November 1939, forty seven year old Alexander McFarlane was killed at Blantyre’s Priory Bridge. The man who resided at 21 Craig Street had been walking home and was killed outright when run down by a stray motor car. 75 more words

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One of you (22)
showed me The Beauty of the Husband
but I had never read much Keats, so much of the beauty was beyond me. 92 more words


CEPALCO Power Interruption Schedule September 03, 2014

CEPALCO Power Interruption Schedule September 03, 2014, the scheduled power service interruption will be affecting areas Brgy. Tablon, Ravidas Compound, to Palalan areas, due to line maintenance and pole installation, from 7 am to 5 pm, a 10-hour power interruption that will be dependent on the  progress of the maintenance the power will return short after.

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Short Story: Cyber's Ghost Part Six

“Was that you Jared?” Jade said slowly, walking into his room.

Jared looked up from his laptop.

“Was it?” She said again, hands on her hips, she was wearing her customary ripped jeans, and black top. 262 more words

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Black Out! (Dress Accordingly)

Monday marks a yearly occasion for us Louisville fans, a color coordinated event. Actually sometimes with Basketball included, we get to do it several times a year. 281 more words

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