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Black Out!

A times dealing with emergencies calls for preparedness for the same. The measures, strategies that a businessman has undertaken to counter the eventual rise of an emergency. 238 more words


Okay, not really, but really. I knew that my power was going to be shut off last night, but in all honesty, who shuts off a neighborhoods power from 7 PM – 11 PM? 150 more words


Creative Assignment 3 - Black-out Poem

Patterns and connections and existing knowledge,
Sometimes you magically dream.

The brain is amazingly creative,
You come up with ideas, you conjured a dream.

Invent with the right amount of know-how, 8 more words


Nothing Good Comes from Alcohol

I’m a 24-year-old Project Engineer, working for a Fortune 50 company. It’s been about two years since I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. 866 more words