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Video: Alinsky Trained Agitator Shuts Down CNN News Crew (video)

This is a textbook example of Saul Alinsky style agitation via trained “community organizers”. See how he speaks about “the narrative”. Notice how the agitator hits on various talking points, some having to do with Ferguson and some not, and repeats them. 91 more words


Black Panthers Are Now Threatening the FAMILIES of Ferguson Police Officers

Ferguson protesters light a Molotov cocktail to throw at police in Ferguson, Missouri. (Kennie Bahr)

Threats against Missouri law enforcement and their families are escalating, according to St. 86 more words

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Black History Month special: Marsha P. Johnson (June 27, 1944 – July 6, 1992)

The living embodiment of human rights, Johnson co-founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.). She was photographed by Andy Warhol in the 1970’s and toured London with the band Hot Peaches. 98 more words

Black History Month

The Past Catches Us

Night Catches Us , a film created by up and coming director Tanya Hamilton, portrays the story of former Black Panthers in 1976 Philadelphia. I watched it for the first time during a Netflix binge over the summer. 167 more words

Black Males in America: Too Serious A Topic For Lighthearted Television

Had to dig deep on this one.

While giving thought to this year so far, I thought about the number of controversies surrounding Black men, ranging from the police shooting of… 652 more words

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