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Oakland's Radical Brownies' berets an homage to social justice groups like the Black Panthers

They held their first official troop meeting in mid-December, but it’s only now through increased media coverage that the Oakland, Calif., Radical Brownies are starting to generate interest nationwide. 496 more words

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Shanice McBean on the Black Panthers

Shanice McBean’s talk for N London RS21 on the Black Panthers (33 minutes)


A Book Review About One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer, written by Rita Williams Garcia, takes place in the summer of 1968. It’s about three black sisters from New York going to meet their mother who had abandoned them, four years earlier, when the youngest girl was a baby. 288 more words

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How White Liberals Used Civil Rights to Create More Prisons | The Nation

Neither liberals nor conservatives are chomping at the bit to discuss the historical roots of the modern gun-rights movement. If asked to describe it, liberals will gesture vaguely at the eighties and nineties, blaming survivalists, school shootings, “cold, dead hands” and the National Rifle Association. 97 more words


When Government Goes to War Against Us

Cointelpro 101: The Sabotage of Legitimate Dissent

By Andres Alegria, Prentis Hemphill, Anita Johnson and Claude Marks (2010)

Film Review

Cointelpro is the name given to the illegal counterinsurgency program FBI director J Edgar Hoover launched in the fifties and sixties against the civil rights movement, the American Indian Movement, the Puerto Rican independence movement, the Chicano/Mexicano rights movement, unions and different social justice movements. 497 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

"Escalating Confrontations That Go Beyond The Black Panthers": Texas Gun Slingers Police The Police—With A Black Panthers Tactic

On any given night in Arlington, Texas, a group of open-carry activists turned self-appointed cop-watchers can be found walking by the side of the road, in safety-yellow reflector vests with cameras pointed at police. 1,166 more words

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NYPD Investigates Threats to Kill Officers on New Year's Eve, Sources Say

This is from DNAInfo.com.

This has the potential to get very bloody very quickly.

NEW YORK CITY — The NYPD is investigating several threats to kill NYPD officers during New Year’s Eve celebrations, DNAinfo New York has learned. 253 more words