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Black Jesus is an insult to Christians and Black Folks...who will be watching?

Some things should actually be off limits to mockery, and for me Jesus is one of them. Black Jesus is soon to join the Adult swim lineup. 19 more words

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on being a black ballerina

[ dramatic music ]

I was lacing up my pointe shoes not too long ago when a friend¬†and fellow dancer said to me, “You’re black. 352 more words


NY Police kill man in choke hold...does Al Sharpton hurt or help the issue?

By now you have seen this video and it is appalling, but now Al Sharpton is speaking for the victim’s family. Does the presence of Sharpton help or hurt the issue? Share your thoughts.

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Tolerance is Everyone's problem

I woke up today, early as usual, to get my family up and going for a busy Sunday. As far as a Sunday tradition goes, I made everyone breakfast and serve it in their beds. 712 more words

Suicide Via Pride

How much does freedom cost?

Sometimes I think about all the stubborn people who’ve killed themselves in honor of their freedom…. I’m not talking them stupid ass people who enlist in the military, and blindly take orders without question because somebody offered them a check…. 147 more words

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Black Men: What Will It Take To Make You STAND UP?

Forgive me, but many people think that Black men haven’t stood up for anything since the days of the Black Panthers.

And come to think of it, I’m not really sure I can disagree with that. 555 more words

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Which Race Is The Most Satisfied With Their Looks? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Jasmine Sanders reports a study that indicates which race is most and least satisfied with their looks. Listen to this edition of the Jazzy Report… 105 more words

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