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The Pan- African Chant

It is the Black skin that I inhabit that in turn inhabits me.

You see it was this social construction that constructed my being, limiting my resources and creating my demise. 297 more words


Paul Ryan was called a racist, but did Michelle Obama make the same comment? | Your Black World

Yvette Carnell teams up with Dr. Boyce Watkins to chime in on the discourse following Paul Ryan’s recent disparaging quotes. Check http://habariganiamerica.net for comments by Ta-Nehisi Coates and others. 64 more words

African American

"We Must Deal With Them"

For one moment let’s break Paul Ryan statement down to its roots. Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan stated… “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular…” Obviously this is a broad statement considering the fact there are 19,355 cities in the US, but it leaves room for denial on his part if called to the carpet to answer if he is race baiting with his Tea Party white constituent political base. 434 more words

Re: The Politics of Black Aspiration

TRIGGER WARNING: This content refers briefly to a rape culture narrative and may be triggering to some people.




I agree with half of the… 119 more words



It is a doctrine held by many good men, in Europe as well as in America, that every oppressed people will gain their rights just as soon as they prove themselves worthy of them; and although we may justly object to the extent to which this doctrine is carried, especially in reference to ourselves as a people, it must still be evident to all that there is a great truth in it.–Frederick Douglass, 1848 from a speech, “What Are the Colored People Doing for Themselves? 276 more words

Black Politics

Ain't I a Woman? Reflections

Despite being absolutely shattered when I got home, I stayed up until the small hours to write about the Ain’t I A Woman event I attended earlier in the evening.   1,349 more words