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The Winds of Change

Hello friends,

The last couple days have been hectic on this blog. I got a lot of new Twitter followers and many new folks stopped by to read Monday’s post. 332 more words

The Liberal Narrative and Black Victimhood

Happy Monday, friends.

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while, and now the time has come.

Over the summer, a young teenager named Mike Brown… 993 more words

Alexandria mayoral candidate, Nicholas R. P. Wright, Part II

Fresh out of a teaching workshop and hyped up on sweets, I headed over to the Alexandria library downtown to use the computer on an unusually cool crisp afternoon. 1,625 more words

Black Politics

Too deep for randoms

You know how when you tweet that you’re uncomfortable with bleaching and someone replies all offended like WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS? or GO AWAY TEAM NATURAL!   231 more words


Alexandria mayoral candidate, Nicholas R. P. Wright, Part I

“My full name is Nicholas Ryan Proctor Wright and I am above average ability. I’ve been a resident of Alex for four years and I grew up in Springfield, MO.” I first learned of Nicholas R. 561 more words

Black Politics

Instead of Drive-By Activism Let's Mobilize on Strategic Demands in Ferguson

We have seemingly run out of effective tactics, leadership and direction in the black community. The old civil rights community holds prayer vigils and tranquil marches while so-called radicals endorse confrontation without real demands. 896 more words