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Instead of Drive-By Activism Let's Mobilize on Strategic Demands in Ferguson

We have seemingly run out of effective tactics, leadership and direction in the black community. The old civil rights community holds prayer vigils and tranquil marches while so-called radicals endorse confrontation without real demands. 896 more words

On Ms. Lauryn Hill's 'Black Rage (sketch)'

If this were merely a generic expression of rage it would be excellent (Lauryn Hill has recorded ‘My Favourite Things’ and ‘Black rage’ before and I have long thought that those performances, similarly to the the Coltrane recordings, give the piece a depth that immediately casts aside any hint of insincerity or superficiality), but this is an attempt to give voice to something much more directed: a personal experience – that much maligned category that is near impossible to make truly visible – that at the same time can only really be made sense of as a condition of collective oppression. 291 more words

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri: What does it say about black masculinity?

I was glad to discover this picture via Twitter for one reason: its subject is a black man fighting back. Never-mind the bag of chips in his left hand, its a captivating image of a black man rearing back his right hand with torso draped in the American flag, outstretched legs, and flowing dreadlocks working in unison to protest the brutality of Michael Brown, himself, and every black man in America. 292 more words

Black Politics

Ferguson and Patience for the Appalled.

Be patient with those of us who are appalled. We thought we had been striding toward some progress, thought our education and integrity, our intellect and analysis were meaningful. 897 more words


Peabody graduate, Dr. Jewel Prestage, dead at 82

I first heard of the woman dubbed the Mother of Black Political Science, Dr.  Jewel Prestage, in my Introduction to Political Science class at Grambling State University, which happened to be taught by one of Dr. 231 more words

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Deja vu in Alexandria Mayor's Race

Three black mayoral candidates dilute the black vote, and Jacques Roy is re-elected mayor of Alexandria. How can we forget the outcome of the 2010 Alexandria mayoral race when Vonn Jennings, Rev. 298 more words

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First post. Yippee! This may be one of many posts or one of a few. This blog is simply the political musings about whatever I want really, but the majority of posts here will be about black politics–the best game in town. 7 more words

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