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Black America A Call to Unite

The basic meaning of the word religion is “A way of Life or Living.” Connected with religions is a God or Godhead, in contexts of physical or mental, that followers and believer’s profess their submission and authority over their lives and actions e.g., Islam God Allah is mental unseeing with the human eye, Christianity God has heads depicted in painted imagery of a man. 1,305 more words

Bye, Felicia!

Anyone that has spoken to me for 5 minutes knows that I absolutely hate the phrase, “Bye, Felicia!” My name is Felicia and for the past year or so, when I introduce myself, the first reaction out of people is “oh! 329 more words


The problem when protests become too mainstream

That’s one of the many pictures that you can find online from the Occupy Wall Street protests that took place right after the Great Recession in 2008. 864 more words


Targets no more -- ending bad policing

An editorial by Kamau Franklin was published in the Charleston Gazette and in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (although the AJC took the editorial liberty to change/dilute the title). 815 more words

Black Politics

Kamau Franklin On Panel about Police Violence and Militarization

On Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Kamau and other organizers came together in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss police violence and militarization. Take a look at the video below, presented by South Organizing Against Racism ( 8 more words

Policy & Race

Alfred C. Sharpton Damages Race Relations - Again!


The infamous race-baiter and money grubber Al Sharpton has sunk himself to a new low in the field of race-baiting and money-grubbing. He has called an ‘emergency meeting’ of his ‘diversity task force’ after announcement of the Academy Awards nominations. 140 more words

Idiot Politicians

Hypocrisy in Our Democracy in Westchester, Are Black Politicians for the People or for Themselves?

After pleading guilty to tax evasion, U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm had a change of mind and decided the right thing to do was to resign, saying he cannot give the job his full attention. 567 more words