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Is Student Debt Eroding Your Future Entrepreneurship?

Among the many trends affecting the entrepreneurial promise of millennials, student debt has been a particularly prominent issue. Although we cannot yet infer any causal relationships, rising student debt levels have, to an extent, coincided with falling entrepreneurship rates among young people. 36 more words


Does the Ray Rice Domestic Violence Discipline Reveal a Racist NFL Culture?

Initially, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Ray Rice two games for a domestic violence incident. After the release of a video taken in a New Jersey casino, Goodell suspended Ray Rice indefinitely. 311 more words

I am NOT your representative!

Alright, I know this post doesn’t apply to just black people, but minorities in general really. When you’re one of few or the only one- girl with all boys, boy with all girls, blonde in all brunettes, black in all white, you name it- you’ll be called on to be the involuntary honorary spokesperson for that group at least once. 421 more words

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Beginning of the Year Classroom Management Tips for Teachers


I thought about you and wanted to provide several classroom management tips to make this year one of your best years.
Black students are experts at the evaluation of nonverbal and nonverbal cues. 328 more words

Just Be You

There are generally two ways that black students, particularly girls, cope with being one of few or the only one in a school environment: either completely forget their heritage and try as hard as they can to fit in in their schools where they would be considered a minority or fully embrace who they are and share it with those around them. 535 more words

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Dallas Observer: By 2010, Black Students Left DISD For Better Education

By Jim Schutze Thursday, Jun 17 2010


The Dallas Morning News has been doing stories and editorials about the shrinking population of black students in the Dallas public school system—a phenomenon the newspaper calls “black flight.”

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