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Last weekend we played the third scenario of our ongoing Apocalypse campaign. The scenario was a city-fight with 6000 points per side, a Space Marine alliance (Space Wolves, Black Templar, my Imperial Fists) versus Orks, Death Guard, Black Legion and Iron Warriors. 67 more words


Black Templars are fanatics

As my writing of a Black Templars novel was announced on the Black Library website a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d talk about them a bit. 369 more words


A new Black Templars story

Out today is The Black Pilgrims, my latest Black Templars story. I’ve been asked as to whether or not I’ll be exploring the links between the Adeptus Ministorum and the chapter. 46 more words

The Black Library

Black Templars

Well. Well, well, well. The first totally original post for some time (does that review I wrote last week count? Barely). Sorry about that. I do intend to write about my experience moving back to my home town, and pen a farewell to Somerset – something I’ve been meaning to attend to since before I left. 247 more words


Space Marine Tactica: Troops

The Space Marine Troops choices are remarkably elite by a lot of other faction’s standards, carrying good stats at a heavier price cost. There are not many choices in this section, just Tactical squads, Scout squads and the Black Templars Crusader squad, but as always, they are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. 1,822 more words