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Blades of the Crusaders

More Black Templars! These snazzy fellows are some Sword Brethren (Honor Guard Veterans to you heretics). In battle they will accompany the Chapter Champion (in previous post). 135 more words


Crusading Covering Fire

More Black Templars!

Here is a Templar Devastator Squad. Yes, this is counter to the chapter’s lore, since they tend to eschew Devastator Squads, but hey the client wanted some heavy weapons for his army. 156 more words


Covenant: Part Two: The Initiate

‘Watch out brother-sergeant!’ called out Arbiteris, pulling down Grimaldus as a big shoota raked the air above them.
‘Thank you brother,’ replied Grimaldus, ‘I forget they could be accurate sometimes.’ 959 more words

Warhammer 40K

Covenant: Part One: The Neophyte

The Neophyte held his rifle closely. The initiate lay dead beside him. He had carried his comrade’s body for four days now. He could not let his friend, his mentor be taken by the enemy. 953 more words

Warhammer 40K

Righteous Challenge! (preview)

The Black Templar Space Marine army for 40K I’ve been working on for the last year continues. This is a preview, as I’ve been working on some units but haven’t finished enough of all of them for full unit pics. 156 more words


More hobby: A Black Templar Initiate

Here’s the Black Templar I’ve painted this week. I’m quite pleased with this one. My edge highlighting is getting better.

I used the upgrade frame in building my Black Templars.  239 more words

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