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New Codex, and some battle scenes

With the release of Codex Astra Militarum, my Imperial Guard are feeling some love.

Some friends and I took a trip to Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK, where I got to roll out my new Guard rules. 226 more words

Games Workshop

The return of Templars and yes we're back in the studio!

Hi there folks. I has been a crazy month or so. Vacation has been taken and the studio has been inundated with lots of requests for commissions. 586 more words


Templar Scouts

More Black Templars!

This time, we have members of a Scout Squad. These (ahem) Neophytes are not members of a Crusader Squad, but form their own unit this time around. 185 more words


Sigismund's Crusaders

The Eternal Crusade continues with more Black Templar Space Marines.

These Marines are from a Crusader Squad (X on Red knee pad). Armed for close combat, they present a nice meatgrinder unit. 209 more words