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Space Marine Tactica: Troops

The Space Marine Troops choices are remarkably elite by a lot of other faction’s standards, carrying good stats at a heavier price cost. There are not many choices in this section, just Tactical squads, Scout squads and the Black Templars Crusader squad, but as always, they are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. 1,822 more words


Templars Assault

The Black Templars get a fast attack option with the addition of an Assault Squad.

The Sergeant has the most Templar pieces, with a tabard, helmet, and pouch/scroll, as well as a censer trailing his jump pack. 92 more words


Darker Vengence

Dark Vengeance re-release. Is it the time I should start collecting 40k again? I glued back up my Ulthae Eldar, ones I painted when I was 15. 10 more words

Games Workshop

I'm baaaacccckkk...

I’ve moved. I’m back in Yorkshire, and after a week of waiting I finally have the internet.

I’ll write something about the great relocation soon, but for now here’s notice of a bunch of Black Library stories I have out this week! 89 more words


Divine Wrath!

The Black Templars get some needed HQ models coming soon. First up a Chaplain with a jump pack.

This model was a Finecast version. The one bad cast was the left arm (with the pistol), which had a few soft detail problems. 75 more words