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Darker Vengence

Dark Vengeance re-release. Is it the time I should start collecting 40k again? I glued back up my Ulthae Eldar, ones I painted when I was 15. 10 more words

Games Workshop

I'm baaaacccckkk...

I’ve moved. I’m back in Yorkshire, and after a week of waiting I finally have the internet.

I’ll write something about the great relocation soon, but for now here’s notice of a bunch of Black Library stories I have out this week! 89 more words


Divine Wrath!

The Black Templars get some needed HQ models coming soon. First up a Chaplain with a jump pack.

This model was a Finecast version. The one bad cast was the left arm (with the pistol), which had a few soft detail problems. 75 more words


Storm of Fire

The Black Templars make planetfall in a hail of storm bolters and assault cannons…

Adding to the ongoing Templar force for a client, here are members of a Tactical Terminator Squad. 236 more words