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All About Walnuts

Growing up, I lived on a 1-2 acre plot of land that had multiple black walnut trees. I remember as a child finding fallen walnuts (or what I called “wonuts”), cracking them open with a hammer, sometimes smashing my fingers in the process, and then eating the walnut meat fresh from the source. 258 more words


Who needs Fire Doors?

Fire Doors – Who Needs Fire Doors?
Doors are constructed of many different materials and methods these days and so will burn at different rates. Therefore they will provide different levels of protection against the spread of fire but what the consumer needs when purchasing fire safety products is reliable consistency. 455 more words

Fire Doors

Walnut University

It seems to me
That it is an important thing
To know how to crack walnuts

It may even be worth
Four years in university… 52 more words

what's happening to my mono-culture? part 1

I guess I am throwing in the towel – and admitting that I use walnut. I used to often joke that I was a mono-culture – all oak. 214 more words


Wood Supply

I had a new wood supply of Black Walnut land this week…four beautiful pieces! These came from a huge Black Walnut tree, each piece is between 11 to 13 inches wide, 4/4 thick. 46 more words