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Black walnut

My first undiscovered landscape piece that draws inspiration from the land around New Paltz NYS.

The black walnut was a tree used by the native Americans who managed the woodland and planted walnut and other nut trees. 14 more words


love tip #9: the dreaded Black Walnut

It happened to me.  Yes, even me.  I went out last week and planted a blackberry bare-root in the yard and was just about to go out and add a blueberry to the that ‘perfect’ location when … when … I found the evidence.  257 more words

Love Tips

50 Shades Of Green *

Spring is really springing. It is cold, and periodically wet. There is hail, and winds, and some days it looks like winter is coming back with a vengeance, but it’s just a temporary illusion. 506 more words


A touch of silver...

I knew my husband had talent, when he started making our wood rings. What starts off as a thin piece of black walnut veneer (our best seller), transforms into a beautiful masterpiece. 53 more words

Boiling Sap

We were able to boil down a little Sap today. Unfortunately Mother Nature was not cooperating as well last week. We were only able to boil the Black Walnut down, we did get a little, however it will not be enough to fill all our orders. 10 more words

Tennessee Banana-Black Walnut Cake with Caramel Frosting

We celebrated Father’s Day early this year!  OK, truth be told, I made this cake for Father’s Day five years ago.  This is probably the longest it’s ever taken me to blog a recipe, but with the Black Walnut Banana Bread recipe I shared earlier this week, I figured it was about time. 342 more words