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Emily Blunt Reveals She Turned Down Two Huge Marvel Roles: Find Out Which Characters She Could Have Played

It turns out that the Marvel landscape could have looked quite different if not for a few minor scheduling conflicts.

Emily Blunt recently admitted that she was… 195 more words


Creepy Crawlers

Nature is pretty fascinating. Dogs and cats get the majority of the press and have the best PR agents working for them. But I think weird and creepy animals outnumber cute and cuddly ones. 35 more words


Gwendoogle Part XCVI - A Chicken, a Peacock, and an Alligator Walk into a Bar...

Answers served with a lot more fauna than usual

Kate Kearney searched: When there is no path, what are the options for going ahead?
I’m going to assume that you’ve already looked for roads, trails, avenues, lanes, passages, routes, streets, tracks, boulevards, byways, grooves, and shortcuts. 1,195 more words


Rusty's Comic of the Week: Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #4

Well, I wasn’t expecting THAT to be the comic of the week… and maybe it wasn’t. Look at that cover. Ick.

Oh well… I am sticking with it. 445 more words

Black Widow

So young she was broken
Too soon she was stained
Like blood red wine on her skin
She was torn beaten and maimed
So now she has rules…
140 more words


The Black Widows Nest

To aim for a target that’s outside of your reach.
She cackles behind his kindness, disembodying the breach.
The reigning chaos forebode this sight,
I take each cautious breath with slight, 78 more words

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