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Wednesday Haul #6: October 1st, 2014

This was a huge day for me, and one that I’ve been waiting for for a very long time… I’m talking about, of course, the release of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1! 305 more words


Black Widow 11 review

Ever since they announced this issue, I’ve been very excited for it. X-23’s solo series hinted at the idea of Black Widow having more of a presence in her life. 389 more words

Comic Review

Pull List: 'Batman,' 'Wolverine,' and 'Black Widow' on a Busy Week in Comics

It’s a busy week on the pull list this week. I count 11 titles that I’ll be pulling off the shelves at my local shop… and that’s not including the variants. 507 more words

Derrick Deane

Daredevil #64

Brian Michael Bendis // Alex Maleev
early November 2004

Rather than punch their foes (a crime boss & a hitman), the Devil & the Widow call in the authorities (cops, SHIELD). 50 more words


Sigh — Halloween Costumes.

October’s just about here y’all! If we were speaking in real life right now I would suggest you cover your ears because there would be squealing but — … 547 more words


Daredevil #63

Brian Michael Bendis // Alex Maleev
October 2004

Maleev & Bendis capture perfectly the Widow’s moral codes & bonds of attachment, her Emma Peel sexiness, even a slight Russian twist to her English. 41 more words


Why Is It So Hard to Find Captain America 2 on Blu-Ray?

Minhdzuy Khorami is the proud owner of Captain America 2 on Blu-Ray. When he is not looking for Captain America 2 on Blu-Ray, he is busy working for Pixar Animation Studios, since that is where he definitely, really works.