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Hanchinal Lake, Bijapur

The city of Bijapur boasts of two major lakes, Bhutnal lake being the first and Hanchinal lake the second. Located off the bypass and Indi road, this vast lake is home to hundreds of birds. 444 more words

Larnaca, Oroklini and Akhna this morning, 15th July 2014

A flock of nineteen Common Sandpiper were on the coast near the airport at Larnaca this morning and another five were on the Sewage Works Pools. 214 more words


More migrating waders 8th July 2014

Found migrating waders at Akhna Dam and Larnaca sites this morning. Single Collared Pratincole were at Akhna and flying over the Larnaca Airport fields. Also at Akhna were a couple of Common Greenshank, a Common Sandpiper, a Little Ringed Plover, a Common Redshank, four Green Sandpiper, a Ruff and several Black-winged Stilt and Spur-winged Lapwing. 57 more words


Zakaki Marsh late afternoon 3rd July 2014

As well as two small Black-winged Stilt chicks there were three slighty bigger ones and two that were almost adult size. A small Spur-winged Lapwing chick was feeding near the hide. 102 more words


Agia Napa Sewage Works and Akhna Dam this morning, 24th June 2014

Was at Agia Napa Sewage Works early this morning and found a couple of male Black-headed Bunting and a female. Not much else around as the heat of summer starts to take hold. 229 more words


Larnaca area this morning 17th June 2014

Combining the monthly Waterbird Count and a Breeding Bird Atlas survey in Larnaca this morning produced a few interesting observations which included a couple of Turtle Doves, two juvenile and an adult Great Spotted Cuckoo, two young Black-winged Stilt with a few other adults around, incubating Spur-winged Lapwing, a couple of Ferruginous Duck, solitary Common Shelduck and male Northern Shoveler. 56 more words