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Ian's Bird of the Week - Black-winged Stilt

Ian’s Bird of the Week – Black-winged Stilt ~ by Ian Montgomery

Newsletter ~ 3/30/14

A few weeks ago, I included a photo of the Black Stilt of New Zealand in a piece on Black-fronted Tern, so I was surprised to find out that no other stilt has ever featured as bird of the week. 725 more words


Am back !

Black winged stilt, a photo by Lens trek on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This is black winged stilt from Lake Victoria,Uganda


Black winged Stilt

A winter Migratory bird generally seen in filthy water.

Ask The Experts: Stilt Identification

White-headed Stilt identification can be tricky. Christian Perez has sifted through the different expert opinions on the differences and similarities between the Black-winged Stilt and White-headed Stilt and how to tell them apart in in the field. 1,838 more words