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Cleopatra Profile

So I converted my earlier Cleopatra sketchbook doodle into a digital artwork.

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to ink the lines digitally, and I believe it gave cleaner results than my usual method of inking with a pen. 7 more words


Stacii Jae's "The Single Girls Club Diaries", Chapter 6: I Deserve A Man Who'll Do ANYTHING to Be My EVERYTHING

Hey Booski Boos:

Single Ladies!!!! Where you at? Holla at your fav single girl on Twitter @staciijae and Instagram @staciijae. This week I have had one of the most important revelations to date as a single girl.   431 more words


It sucks, it just sucks.

The fat girl life. Where do I begin..

I didn’t come on here to write about what I’m about to write about but I just felt so passionately about it at this moment that I had to do it now before another few days go by and I lose that extra . 2,237 more words


Introducing 2SCARVZ; a Forum

2SCARVZ is the collaboration of myself and my good friend Jasmine Benjamin. We exist as the voice of the black woman activist. 2SCARVZ was made possible through the encouragement and support of the students in our Black Feminist Thought class at Claflin University taught by the honorable Dr. 97 more words


Gang Stalking - America - a nation of moochers?

This blog has nothing to do with gang stalking – just a warning.

This is a scene I saw while waiting at the bus stop. 327 more words


Hunting in Time

A time-traveler from the future fires her beam-gun at some off-screen peril in a Mesozoic jungle. I wanted to experiment with a subject more futuristic/sci-fi than what I usually draw, but I’ve always preferred time-travel stories than the standard space-opera stuff. 21 more words