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Re-discovering Ontario

Growing up in Toronto/GTA is like existing in a bubble: everything you need is here, so why bother looking anywhere else? Having grown up in this world, I’m all too familiar with the downsides of ‘bubble-living’ and the narrow-minded city dwellers that kind of lifestyle produces. 319 more words



Painting By Salvator Ciacco

I jump in a bundle of joy each time I come across a painting that robs my attention. This piece took a hold of me by it’s simplicity and familiarity. 223 more words


Cleopatra's Contemplation

In 30 BC, a distressed Cleopatra VII holds her pet cobra on her arm in nervous contemplation of the fate she will ultimately visit upon herself. 20 more words


Cleopatra Profile

So I converted my earlier Cleopatra sketchbook doodle into a digital artwork.

I used Adobe Illustrator CS6 to ink the lines digitally, and I believe it gave cleaner results than my usual method of inking with a pen. 7 more words


Stacii Jae's "The Single Girls Club Diaries", Chapter 6: I Deserve A Man Who'll Do ANYTHING to Be My EVERYTHING

Hey Booski Boos:

Single Ladies!!!! Where you at? Holla at your fav single girl on Twitter @staciijae and Instagram @staciijae. This week I have had one of the most important revelations to date as a single girl.   431 more words


It sucks, it just sucks.

The fat girl life. Where do I begin..

I didn’t come on here to write about what I’m about to write about but I just felt so passionately about it at this moment that I had to do it now before another few days go by and I lose that extra . 2,237 more words