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Why Black Relationships Are Not Lasting

Ahhh the perfect life. The strong black man goes to work, The black woman knows her place an stays home with the children and we all go to church on Sunday an we all live happily ever after… Expect we don’t, except it’s not 1970. 532 more words


She is from...

I am from Alice Walker

I am from Lilian Ngoyi

I am from Maya Angelo

I am from the Queen of Sheba

I am from Mariam Makeba… 112 more words

Republican Governor has Black woman photoshopped into his website

In an effort to sway black voters his way, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has tried to make his re-election campaign more minority-friendly by including a photo of himself standing next to a smiling African American woman on his website.

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A Goddess Can be a Teacher - poem

Once upon a time, I knew

a Goddess named Ms. Moss.

Big body, big brown eyes,

beautiful brown skin, and

a little accent that spoke… 463 more words


Cleopatra Concept Art

Cleopatra VII is now armed for battle with a bow and knife. I wanted this to look like concept art for a video game character, and I very well may try making a 3D model of this someday. 56 more words


Mothers and the Motherland

As The Memory of Love is told from various male perspectives, the female characters in the novel become more symbolic than personal. We never get to know the inner thoughts of characters like Saffia or Nenebah and in many ways Adrian, Kai  and Elias are guilty of idolizing them. 534 more words

Working through MY Shit

Damn, this would be my second time writing this damn post. Apparently the first 354 words I had to say weren’t good enough to be saved. 812 more words

Inner Reflections