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What is beauty? This seems like a simple question with an obvious answer infact, I feel silly even asking it. In reality though we know fact and truth are not necessarily the same thing. 618 more words


Proud of Her Service

I would best describe the emotion this Egyptian warrior chick is expressing as pride or maybe haughtiness. I personally am most proud of her shield’s design. 56 more words


Traci Ellis Ross; 41 and Fabulous

Everyone’s favorite “girlfriend” is showing you can be fabulous at any age especially for her at 41 on the cover of UPSCALE Magazine for the August 2014 issue.  343 more words

Her Flyness

I have always been pretty spectacular. I didn’t always know it but I have ALWAYS been an AMAZING human being. Maybe not so humble but I have lost time to make up for.  995 more words


Modern Hatshepsut

Another doodle prompted by asking myself the question, “What if the ancient Egyptian civilization survived to the present day?” This is supposed to be a modern-style vision of the Pharaoh Hatshepsut, or at least how she might look in a more casual outfit. 16 more words


Perm Rod Set | Styling My Sister's Hair

My sister is also a natural hair beauty, but she has a child and not a lot of time. Accordingly, she usually keeps her hair in sew-in’s, but she wanted to take a little break so she has been doing perm rod sets. 220 more words

Natural Hair

Fiddling with the 'Fro

Late-night doodle of an Egyptian chick fiddling with her hair out of boredom. At least she was supposed to look bored. I can’t help but think from the way I posed the arm that she’s questioning someone’s mental health.