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No More Biscuits and Gravy?!?

She said it so matter of factly… like she had just said, “would you like fries with that?” It just hung in the air like this ugly stink… 

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Black woman

Black woman

to whom I adore

Black woman

to whom life bears no meaning without

Black woman

my greatest strength

Black woman

a precious jewel you are to me… 12 more words


Portrait of Cleopatra VII

It’s been a while since I last did a photo-manipulation. This is supposed to represent Cleopatra VII, the last and most famous of Egypt’s Ptolemaic rulers. 51 more words


Hurry Up & Wait

“Hurry up and Wait” has somewhat been the theme for the last few weeks. As of today, I am now out the inspection period for the house. 260 more words

Foster Care


Success — we all want it, right?

We all know of success as it relates to wealth and fame. And we have all heard the counter argument that money doesn’t buy happiness, and success without happiness is worthless. 525 more words

Black Woman

Black Women in the Ivy League Share Their Experiences (Part 2)

Is it still illegal to be Black and educated in America?

As a good journalist would, I shared my original Madame Noire article to several Linkedin Groups that I am part of.( Note, this is a great way to get others to read your work and offer feedback.) 1,008 more words