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Dressed like a Spitter

This chick has styled her hair into two “crests” like those on a Dilophosaurus wetherilli, the “spitter” dinosaur from Jurassic Park. Honestly, that little guy always gave me an even bigger jump-scare than even the T. Rex or raptors.


I am a black woman

Angela Davis


Pieces of History: 1966 – 1969

Angela Davis

Thank You White America

By Marwan Fateen

Thank you White America for interfering in our affairs,  for destroying our homes, denying us rights, for destroying our movements and assassinating our leaders,  for your false flag of integration, for York lies and deceit, for slavery, Jim crow, lynchings, rape, burnings,  torture, for destroying our slight progress, burning our segregated communities to the ground, for polluting us with drugs and disease, for stealing our inventions and innovations, you where being scrutinized by God and everything you did under the end cloak of the sheet, in darkness, was thoroughly documented in the book of life. 62 more words

Creative Writing


This is one hairstyle you really don’t want to touch.

Trying to break out of an art slump with this one. The dinosaur is supposed to be based off the African megalosaurid Afrovenator abakensis.


Woman Down....

I fell in attachment to this amazingly wonderful woman. I tripped and fell in like with the sound of her voice. Each night, I anxiously awaited our deeply beautiful sparring conversations.  127 more words

Matters Of The Heart

Empties | Beauty Edition

I have used up a few makeup and skincare goodies in the last few months. This stash also included a random candle and deodorant empty as well! 22 more words


Does my authenticity seem odd to you?

“American forces egalitarianism on you”

Both in Imitation and On Monday of Last Week, the notion of authenticity was mentioned. The word authenticity is often closely related with words like original or real. 336 more words