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Farewell to the "Queen Anne's Revenge"!

Historic Brunswick/Fort Anderson State Historic Site “QAR” Grand Opening Event

The Blackbeard “Queen Anne’s Revenge” Traveling Exhibit is leaving us at Historic Bath Site and heading on to it’s new location: Historic Brunswick/Fort Anderson State Historic Site. 458 more words

'Crossbones' recap: Introducing the infamous Blackbeard

Season 1 | Episode 7 | “Beggarman” | Aired July 25, 2014

The secret is out: Lowe is a spy. For that, he got a beatdown from the Commodore last week—and then the Commodore allowed him to drill a not-insignificant-sized hole in his head. 1,614 more words


Ahoy bucko! Get ready t’ plunder and sail t’ seven seas!


Yo ho. Yo ho. A pirate's wife for me.



Somehow I don’t think so. I think Tink’s gonna be as rare as blog readers after that last post. Come on dudes, get your heads out the sick bucket, you’d never do at sea. 1,031 more words


Living History

This weekend I took my granddaughter and niece to the Historic Bath site first annual Pirate Invasion. I have attended other reenactments, Civil War and Pirate but due to its smaller size I had the chance to really talk to some of the actors. 195 more words


The Secret Life of Writer J

Hmm, secret lives eh? To be honest, the secret bit’s actually quite boring. It’s all about the BIG REVEAL. Like when you come home early from school one afternoon to find your boring bespectacled bank clerk of a father engaged in one-to-one combat with a highly trained Ninja monkey… or that time when your Mum said she was going to drop some cakes off to the Brownies Bring & Buy sale, only she was gone for three months and when she came back there was Moon dust in her hair and her sensible flat-soled sandals looked suspiciously like space boots. 293 more words


A possibility, if one believes in reincarnation.

So, apparently I was a pirate in my past life. Makes a lot of sense, given that I LOVE the ocean and I’ve already had the police called on me 27 times in less than 2 years. 98 more words