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Blackberry Cupcakes

The last few weeks have been so busy so the Kitchen Aid has been pretty lonely.  I moved out of my apartment Tuesday and into a new one the next day.   622 more words

Cakes And Cupcakes

Cobblers....even better than the shoe kind!

As promised, the recipe for my deep dish blackberry cobbler, complete with pictures and what can go wrong and how to avoid it! Every good Southern Girl has a go to recipe for cobbler (and if you don’t take this one, I promise I won’t tell!) Most of these recipes are handed down as a dowry when a girl gets married and are guarded family secrets. 1,592 more words


What Is Available Now? July 25

This is what we have in the Crow Mountain Orchard salesroom right now.

Prices, sizes, and varieties vary from what may be for sale at our booths at the Scottsboro and Guntersville Farmers Markets. 143 more words

Next Summer Delight

That would be blackberries and what you can do with them.

My personal favorite is blackberry lemonade.

This is what you do.  Process 3 cups of freshly picked blackberries through the finest setting of your food processor, to remove seeds and pulp as much as possible.  86 more words


Summer Berry Crumble Cake

Happy Birthday to my blog, happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday dear blooogg, happy birthday to my blog!!  And many moooore. 

Just be happy you didn’t have to hear me sing that.  532 more words


Mushroom and Pepper Risotto (Lunch)

Hi again!

This is going to be a slightly long post peppered with a couple of unrelated things here and there, bear with me.

I would like to mention that I am surprised by how often I am actually updating my blog, I am starting to really like posting stories here! 977 more words

My Recipe Diary

Blackberry Lemonade

As a kid, I remember there was nothing better on a hot Summer’s day than an ice-cold glass of fresh lemonade. As an adult, I still crave a glass whenever the heat arrives, and this blackberry version is my favorite new twist on the classic version. 186 more words