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It's finally springtime—Or maybe not!

It’s hard to believe that after such a long, hard winter, spring has finally arrived. Except for when it hasn’t. :-) We’ve just experienced Dogwood Winter with lows in the 30s again. 40 more words

Carolynn Carey

'Blackberry Winter'... How quickly the weather masters forget...


WELCOME to the 4th Post…

HELLO EVERY ONE, TODAY IS Friday, 18-April-2014, and this is my 4th post I am so excited, truly I am… 480 more words

A spring like

2014 April PAD Challenge, Day 17: Write a poem that describes something using at least 3 senses

A spring like

A spring that tastes like blackberry seeds; 35 more words



Inspired by and dedicated to all victims of sex trafficking.

Esperanza used to be such a beautiful girl. She always wore a light pink dress with light pink ribbons, a sharp contrast against the dark hopelessness of the village. 507 more words

Warrensburg here we come!

As you may know Blackberry Winter will be performing in Warrensburg at UCM in Hendricks Hall on April 28, 7 pm. John Hess will once again be joining us in this show with a wonderful photographic essay. 224 more words

Marideth Sisco

Blackberry Winter, By Sarah Jio

Jio, S. (2012). Blackberry winter. New York: Plume.

Paperback $15.00, Kindle $7.99, 320 pages

ISBN: 978-0452298385

Author’s Website and Interviews:



Online Reviews:

Kirkus: … 760 more words

Blackberry Winter

On the Eve of a Bradford Pear Winter

“How are you doing?” a neighbor asked.

“Right this very minute I’m doing great,” I answered, laughing, “In 15 minutes, who knows?”

Robin’s egg blue sky, happy Sadie walking beside me not running crazy, laundry almost caught up – chaos wasn’t walking with me in that moment. 729 more words