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'Muckrakers': Can transparency be taken too far?

WATERTOWN — The idea of what constitutes a journalist continues to be a moving target, as does the idea of what constitutes journalistic ethics, if indeed there should even be such a thing. 679 more words


AirAsia jet's tail found

The tail of a crashed AirAsia jet has been found upturned on the sea bed about 30 km (20 miles) from the plane’s last known location, Indonesia’s search and rescue agency said on Wednesday, indicating the crucial black box recorders may be nearby. 829 more words


Really? Feeling a Bit Sick at the Moment.

I just read about an avid cyclist – a small bike shop owner and cycling advocate in Baltimore – who was struck by a motorist. The man was a husband and father. 151 more words

Change Can Come Suddenly


It all started with Abraham.

Actually, it all started with the Ancient of Days, but God used Father Abraham–before he was either a father or Abraham–to save the world. 260 more words


Black Box Singapore

Black Box is a company based in Singapore (www.blackbox.sg).
It allows its members to try out products at an affordable price.
As of now, Black Box does not ship outside of Singapore. 354 more words



Maybe your home is a ranch-style, brick house, with a big backyard and swing set.

Maybe you live in a tiny apartment with your friends—a few of whom forget to wash their dishes. 195 more words