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An on-path blackbox network traffic security testing tool

Nogotofail is a network security testing tool designed to help developers and security researchers spot and fix weak TLS/SSL connections and sensitive cleartext traffic on devices and applications in a flexible, scalable, powerful way. 28 more words


Piedmont Park

I was doing some commercial shooting in Piedmont Park this past Sunday and I took this shot with my iPhone in between shoots. I hope you like it. 16 more words

Nat Carter

What's Inside the Black Box? VIDEO UPDATE

My classmates and I decided to investigate the BlackBox further. You’ll see in the video what we found inside of the box…but what is it exactly? 137 more words


Clemson Black Box Update

I finally met the mysterious box today- I was walking across library bridge when I caught sight of it. It looks like HAL 9000 as a toddler. 53 more words


The Clemson BlackBox- Who is it? WHAT is it?

Someone is watching us at Clemson University. But who?

I’m enamored with uncovering strange truths and secrets. So when something incredibly bizarre and mysterious enters my line of vision, I have to start asking questions.  176 more words


Dragon slows down: Why China may not continue to grow at high growth rate

Vivek Kaul

Three recent pieces of data coming out of China suggest that all is not well in the Middle Kingdom. The economic growth (as measured by the rate of growth of gross domestic product) during July to September 2014 came in at 7.3%. 866 more words