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'Lack of confidence' at Richmond School to be debated

The ongoing situation caused when the board of governors resigned en masse at Richmond School is to be raised at the district council’s meeting in a week’s time. 197 more words


Tong Tong is Back in Prime Time!

Well, it seems this blog is developing a bit of a Taiwanese TV flavor, but as I’ve got little else to share at the moment, let’s just go with it! 378 more words



ON THIS DATE 90 years ago (1924), Richard Topus was born. At eighteen in 1942 he joined the Army Signal Corps and began training pigeons and pigeon-handlers for service in World War II. 145 more words

Sweet Blackie

He just waltzed into our lives in 2007, as a hyper-active and hyper-affectionate kitten, from God knows where. Just showed up and hung around the front door, refusing to leave, rubbing himself against my legs and going round and round in circles, and gazing at me so intently with those big round kitteh eyes, so intently like he was trying to tell me something. 185 more words


Scottish Blackfaced Sheep

If you are ever in Great Britain, you will see a Blackfaced Sheep. They are the country’s most common breed of sheep and the Brits do love sheep. 155 more words