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Weekly Recap 1 - Legends, myths and F.B.I

Impressions and thoughts on wonderfulness I have encountered in world of fiction this passing week.

Sol Stein, On writing    

It’s illuminating. I think that I’ll never again watch or read something without appreciating all those sneaky little things that make the story good like witty dialogs, colorful characters, right pace of action. 590 more words

Is Dropbox The New Mozilla?

As a follow up to last week’s post about the politically correct bullying of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, this caught my eye earlier this week: 530 more words

Leaning Left

The Blacklist

Would you disembowel yourself or kill yourself? #blacklist

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04/06 My big fat Greek Keeeenwahhhh

It’s finally getting warmer in GA. We are able to open the garage doors and workout, and actually sweat!
We also just got these bad boys for the summer. 403 more words

Blacklist и о Splinter Cell в целом

Вчера я всё же купил Blacklist, благодаря кукареканиям о нём в твитторе.


Blacklist Buyer

Maaf ya, saya orang yang cukup sabar.
Orang2 kaya gini tu bikin Indonesia dikenal jelek sama customer nya, makanya ga bisa beli2 barang langsung dari luar negeri. 317 more words


The Blacklist: I think I've got it.

Spoiler Alert! If you’re trying to catch up from earlier in the season, I’ll be writing about some plot points that you may not have seen yet. 551 more words