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2:8 Decembrist: Occam's Razor (11/13/2014)

I hold to sort of an Occam’s Razor theory of literary/film analysis: don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. Just a reminder of the fact that Red said he learned about Tom from his forger. 414 more words

2:8 Decembrist: State Capitalism (2) vs Internet (11/27/2014)

The Fulcrum (possibly an acronym) could be a Master Plan for world domination, already in play, including a list of people embedded at high levels in national governments (like Fitch). 388 more words

2:8 Decembrist: The Fulcrum (11/12/2014)

Funny how changing “some very damaging information that you have about us” to “The Fulcrum” sends us all scurrying down rabbit holes that will keep our minds spinning for 80+ days. 317 more words

2:8 Decembrist: Tom was working for Red? (11/11/2014)

Tom’s having worked for Red doesn’t make much sense. Twice he was about to kill him:

1) Red was behind the attack on Tom by Zamani that almost killed him. 455 more words

2:7 Scimitar: Ratings (11/10/2014)

Just a note that the percent of people giving The Blacklist Season 2 a 5-Star rating on Amazon remains at 83% – exactly the same percent as for Season 1. 286 more words