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Wiwik Saputri | Sukkie Hye | 083870801670 | Pembeli Yang Tidak Menepati Komitmen Kerjasama | TIDAK DIREKOMENDASIKAN | BLACKLIST

Wiwik Saputri / Sukkie Hye
Nomor Handphone / No HP : +62 838-7080-1670 | 083870801670
Perumahan Kirana Cibitung Blok I 12 no 29
Desa Wanajaya… 46 more words


Daily Rituals of Creative People: Nathan Johnson of Blacklist

Cool, calm and collected seems the perfect way to describe Nathan Johnson, who creates artwork and designs for albums (Matt Corby, Winterbourne) and  brands ( 523 more words



HAARP SPACE UFO’s Religion Animals Nature Weather Earthquakes Educational Chem Trails NWO Science Weapon

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This is a very informative page with all the information you need to know to be able to understand what the government has been doing to all of us "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" "WE THE PEOPLE" of the original Constitution, not the Constitution that the government is going by now that is unconstitutional. So please do your self a favor and do your research. For you your children and grandchildren. Much Love and God Bless us all. "LET FREEDOM RING" Spirit <3

From Criminal to Hero: Woody Allen's Take The Money and Run (1969) and The Front (1976)

He’s back in the headlines again: I never thought in a million years that Woody Allen would take on the streaming TV medium. I see him as an old-fashioned guy – I mean, he writes his scripts on a typewriter – and now comes the announcement that he’s going to write and direct a show for Amazon Prime. 626 more words


ICYMI Weekly TV Recap: December 27th through January 9th

I apologize for no recap last week but with the shows I have been following and recapping regularly there was only one show on and that was Lost Girl so I decided to hold it off and have a double dose of it this week.   687 more words

Why Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow?

My unofficial graduating class motto is high school was the above quote. Of course the administration made us change it (or rather changed it for us to “Reach for the Stars!” or something clever like that). 402 more words

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