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Tale Weaver's Prompt #26 |One Operation

The prison cell clicked shut behind him. His new home for the rest of his life. He looked into grimy mirror and saw…

The eyes, … 304 more words

Writing Challenges

Sheila the Sham


Sheila Ward and her younger brother and sister have lived in a children’s home since they were orphaned. When Sheila becomes deaf after an accident, their hitherto disinterested aunt and uncle suddenly take an interest in them. 34 more words


Meg and the Magic Robot


In 1925, Syd and Maud Weston force their niece Meg to fake being a Magic Robot. Meg goes along with the fraud because she thinks her uncle is sending money to pay for her brother Tommy’s treatment at a clinic in Switzerland. 37 more words


The 365 Day Project - Day 144

After a few weeks of playing in the dirt and in the sun, my wife decided that the boys needed to exfoliate their skins or something and needed additional moisture.   39 more words


Journalists at China's state-owned 21st Century Business Herald extorted millions - report

“A major Chinese business news website extorted Chinese companies for several hundred million yuan over about four years, state media reported, as investigators probe the conduct of the country’s press,” Brian Spegele reports for The Wall Street Journal. 291 more words


It's a Dog's Life


When Lisa Thornley’s family are forced to move into a flat, she cannot take her dog Sandy because of the rules. Lisa cannot find a home for Sandy except with Vera Gibson, a nasty unpopular girl at school. 35 more words


Be Nice to Nikki


Yvonne Baxter is under strict instructions from her father to be nice to his boss’s daughter, Nikki Norden, who has just transferred to Yvonne’s school. 78 more words