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settled; no more

I’ve managed to fill the time
the time has filled me.


I’ve sold myself short.


Blackout Poets Week in Review

A lot of planning went into Blackout Poets week, and I give Lesley Mosher credit for coming up with the initial idea. It never would have crossed my mind to host a week of blackout poetry on Twitter and Instagram. 295 more words



She tasted
cheap bourbon

Cheap liquor
was the mark of an old friend, it
be true

The stifling air made her

Found poem from Carol O’Connell’s… 6 more words


Blacked Out

More blackout poetry from yours truly. I don’t know why it’s always depressing. Taken from an article of the Biola Chimes.

Wednesday's Blackout Poems

It’s the middle of the week, and we still have teachers and students sharing their blackout poems on Twitter. This special #blackoutpoets week is a project between Lesley Mosher and me. 245 more words


Blackout Poem

I made a blackout poem in Creative Writing: Fiction from some book about careers in cooking. This one ended up being cynical and totally personal. I don’t really like the last part, though, so I might just end the poem at “No, no, I wanted ‘easy.’” 28 more words


Monday's Blackout Poems

It’s the first day of #blackout poets week on Twitter and Instagram. Lesley Mosher and I will be posting some standout poems each day from those who are participating. 81 more words