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No freedom of speech on Tripadvisor

A British hotel made the news recently by fining a customer £100 because they wrote a negative review on the travel review site Tripadvisor.

At first sight, this sounds outrageous, but an examination of the story reveals even more unusual information. 354 more words

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Great Britain has its share of violent storms (the photo above was taken in Blackpool in what was about to become gale-force winds) but nowadays, people have some warning and are a bit prepared. 86 more words


Behind The Scenes


Sorry I’ve taken so long to upload this, I’ve been in the PR role for my course’s fashion show and organising/fundraising/graphic design work has been hectic and I’m only just about to begin my dissertation which the deadline for is in two weeks! 127 more words

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Pleasure Beach would seem an unlikely home for ghosts, but in fact there are several.

The Ghost Train is haunted by ‘Cloggy’, a clog-wearing ride attendant who died around the end of the 1970s. 300 more words


Building a Tower

                 A compilation of local news stories which appeared between 1892-95, during the construction of the Blackpool Tower. The progress of the Tower is the main theme throughout the ebook, other stories reveal different aspects of Blackpool’s colourful life: ambitious, humorous, patriotic, bursting with pride and at times quite bizarre. 450 more words

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Thank you to all that have taken part in our WESTSIDE exhibition.
We would also like to thank everyone that’s attended the show.

Benefits cheat who 'couldn't walk' is caught dancing in zumba class after claiming £30,000 in disability support

NB Look for the woman in the red trousers

A woman claimed over £30,000 in benefits for her severe disability before she was revealed to be a fraud – after she was spotted dancing at a zumba class. 196 more words