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Technology and the Riots in Ferguson

We thought that they days of segregation and water hoses were a distant thing of the past. We thought that when Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, and all these other brave people who put their lives in danger for the freedom of our race, that we would never have to go through this again. 587 more words


How Liberals drove Blacks out of San Francisco

How Liberals drove Blacks out of San Francisco

“The Liberal Crusade to Feel Morally Superior”

by Thomas Sowell

 “The Black Population of San Francisco is less than half of what it was in 1970”           707 more words



I haven’t written in a few days just because there is so much shit going on that I just couldn’t find the words to describe how I feel.  447 more words

Another Day In Paradise

Who Don't

They say hiphop aint dead.. but rap game aint the same, lame train ..brakeless … going off track… theres no reset to this shit.. governmental test call it mind control cause most of these nigga s.mimic … most of bitches imitate but desire to own the crown but in my eyes youre all peasants to my state of mind… 19 more words

To Kill a Black, To Kill a Roach

The Michael Brown tragedy is a much too familiar scene on the streets of America; there is not a day that goes by without families across the US grieving their loved ones gunned down, or coping with emotional rollercoaster of grim news, bad news and worst news of their loved ones being treated in the emergency room. 1,013 more words

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