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Illinois peeps, check out - Influx of African Immigrants Shifting National and New York Demographics

In just one decade, the number of black African immigrants in the United States about doubled, an influx that is shifting the demographic landscape nationwide.. via NYT N.Y. / Region http://ift.tt/1rJRgie


Question About Non-White Police Officers

How are we supposed to respect police officers and trust them to do what is right and just if they do not respect us, and they don’t treat us with humane respect? 94 more words


Time for a Mighty Blow

On the movie Soul Food, the grandmother made a brilliant point about fingers coming together to form a fist that could strike a mighty blow.  788 more words


Listening To A Black Canary

- by Jack Curtis -

Black Americans have abandoned their post-slavery American Southern Christian culture, replacing God and responsibility with Government and entitlement. As the larger culture is now engaged in the same transition, the American black experience has much to tell …if we’re willing to listen. 1,081 more words


Racial Inequality: School-to-Prison Pipeline


Racial Inequality: School-to-Prison Pipeline

By Elisha Robinson

The policies and practices within a growing number of public schools push our nation’s school children, especially our most-at-risk children, out of classrooms and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. 4,855 more words


Keeping It In The Family

This is gonna sound offensive, but I was just imagining, just half-heartedly, myself with a man. I was kinda doing something else and the thought crossed my mind, I didn’t even know who the man was whom I imagined. 205 more words

Human Potential