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Warriors of Dragon Age: Inquisition: Deconstructive Criticism

The Warriors of Dragon Age: Inquisition have very high standards when it comes to proper masonry.

This semi ties in with a previous comic I did.


The London County Council Steamboat Service 1905 - 1907

Anyone who walks alongside the Thames cannot fail to notice the Thames Clippers plying their trade up and down the river.

It seems incredible that since the 1840s, many companies have tried to run regular boat services along the Thames to link east and west London but most have ended in failure. 859 more words

River Life

I don't want it.

So I was doing some work in my Leonie Dawson “2015 Create your Shining Year” workbook – I brought one last year and found it rather useful, but last year was a bit of a nightmare so I fell of the wagon with it – and while filling it out this year I stumbled across some truths that I’ve had on my mind over the past few months. 345 more words


Dragon Age: Pick-up Artist

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Dragon Age: Inquisition over the past few weeks. I haven’t played the first two games, but after thoroughly enjoying Shadow of Mordor I was in a bit of a high fantasy mood and so I decided to give Inquisition a go. 377 more words