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My First Post-Mortem

As the buzzer into the morgue was pressed, a figure appeared behind the frosted glass doors. The door opened, we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who looked stereotypically perfect for working with bodies; long black hair tied back, black trousers and a dark coloured shirt. 928 more words


Nearly 1 in 10 Cancer Survivors Still Smokes

Nearly one in 10 cancer survivors reports smoking years after their diagnosis, according to a new study from the American Cancer Society.

Researchers analyzed data from 2,938 patients nine years after their diagnosis, and 9.3 percent were current smokers (within the pat 30 days). 315 more words

How You Can Help Your Pet With Acupuncture

C-Dog isn’t the first pet who’s received acupuncture in our family. Before him there was Millie, Luther, Greta, and Tomas.

Obviously, we, as pet parents, believe in acupuncture. 495 more words

Scientists pinpoint bladder cancer patients who could benefit from 'tumor-softening' treatment

Scientists in Manchester have identified a protein that could help doctors decide which bladder cancer patients would benefit from a treatment that makes radiotherapy more effective. 396 more words


Home.. me and my soup

For those who do not know.. I live on a small lake and the best view with a porch filled with windows wide open to the endless breeze. 330 more words

This cancer beast must be stopped

I am shocked by how many people and families are affected by cancer. As I talk more freely about David’s battle with cancer and our struggle, I have gotten to know many others that have been affected with cancer. 530 more words

Road To Victory

Breakfast at Your Desk: Hold the Bacon Until You Read This News

Morning darlings. I hate to worry you too much about things that you can’t do much about (after all, everything is killing us, right?!), but when it comes to processed meats like bacon, sausage and others, there’s some important news to be aware of … 205 more words

Cancer Treatment