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We aren’t always going to be surrounded by people and situations that we happily welcome into our life; I know I haven’t been.  Sometimes we invite these guests into our lives and sometimes they come looking for us.   1,450 more words

Bladder Cancer

Quality of biopsy directly linked to survival in bladder cancer patients

EurekAlert 22 October 2014

UCLA researchers have shown for the first time that the quality of diagnostic staging using biopsy in patients with bladder cancer is directly linked with survival, meaning those that don’t get optimal biopsies are more likely to die from their disease. 99 more words

Clinical Pathology

Odd (Wo)MAN Out

Have you ever felt like you were the odd man out? I have often felt like I was a square peg trying to jam myself into a round hole. 624 more words


2 components of red meat combined with alteration in DNA repair increase risk for bladder cancer

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Two components of red meat — dietary protein and dietary iron — may combine to form powerful carcinogens, N-nitroso compounds, which increase risk for bladder cancer. 445 more words

Lethal Or Unintended Side Effects

CTSI Pilot Program: Exploring a new bladder cancer treatment

Approximately 75,000 people each year are diagnosed with bladder cancer, making it one of the most common cancers in the United States.

But for a variety of reasons, therapies have lagged behind. 512 more words


Honesty is the best policy

The practice of having a smoking (and non-smoking) area in food establishments in Singapore stopped in 2006, according to Wikipedia. The ban was extended in 2009 to include open spaces such as bus stops, covered walkways, and lift lobbies. 871 more words

Stress Management

Artificial Sweeteners: What Are They Really Doing to Our Bodies?

They’re what stimulate your sweet tooth without adding girth to your waistline; they give diet colas and sugar-free snacks a saccharine kick without the consequences. At least that’s the idea.

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