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This cancer beast must be stopped

I am shocked by how many people and families are affected by cancer. As I talk more freely about David’s battle with cancer and our struggle, I have gotten to know many others that have been affected with cancer. 530 more words

Road To Victory

Breakfast at Your Desk: Hold the Bacon Until You Read This News

Morning darlings. I hate to worry you too much about things that you can’t do much about (after all, everything is killing us, right?!), but when it comes to processed meats like bacon, sausage and others, there’s some important news to be aware of … 205 more words

Cancer Treatment

Wonder - TCC Update 2

Update from Robert, regarding the 2nd dose of Palladia for Wonder

Robert : “My 9-year-old Scottie girl “Wonder” has just finished her second dose of Palladia in hopes of combatting her TCC bladder cancer. 108 more words

Canine Bladder Cancers


Today of all days (our Awareness Day) I bring a note of sadness that another brave Scottie has been diagnosed with TCC.

“Wonder” is owned by Robert. 372 more words

Canine Bladder Cancers

Calm after the storm

A thunderstorm just rolled over our house.  After all the thunder, lightning and rain, there is a gray overcast outside.  I’m looking out my windows and can see an occasional tinge of blue as the gray clouds roll by.  693 more words

My Story

My diagnosis

I received an email message from my hospital saying I have a new report online.  I signed in and found it’s the pathology report.   Here is the diagnosis: 271 more words

My Story