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Getting Lukewarmer

Last November, I was in my car on a Friday afternoon and listening to WBUR.  Regular listeners will know that Friday afternoons are special because it’s when… 871 more words


Bladder Inflammation Information and Prevention

The onslaught of this irritating symptom can either come on very abruptly or at a more sluggish pace, leading to cramping pains, which amplifies the agony. 355 more words

I Don't Ever Want to Go Back...


Through tears streaming down his face, he begins to tell me a story of bullying that I didn’t ever expect that we would have to deal with. 341 more words

Then it all hits the fan...

As our son kept thinking about the idea of leaving school and being home schooled, he began to ask what we would do and when we would start. 681 more words

Please Let Me Sleep!

Please get off my bladder,
Let me sleep.
I need this time of peace,
To relax and rejuvenate.
Please, now.
It won’t be long until you’re here, 42 more words

Bladder Health Blog

I’m not really sure what my purpose is of starting this blog.  I guess I just want to be able to share what I’ve been going through and let other people know that they’re not alone.   281 more words

Bladder Health

Stones : in the garden , not in the dog!

Two weeks ago , a client brings in his miniature schnauzer to the clinic. She had seen blood in his urine. Only once . Nothing else seemed abnormal . 644 more words