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Bladder Ailments

Many of you at one point in time have experienced a UTI. They aren’t fun. But you also have had your dr. prescribe cranberry juice. But have you ever wondered why?  380 more words


day 358 - h2o

thought it was worth noting, successfully drank four cups of water in a day. even though that’s one short of my goal, it’s my new personal best. 13 more words

My 365

Tips for Healthy Bladder

Limit alcohol intake
Limit tobacco intake
Limit caffeine intake
Maintain normal weight
Maintain good fluid intake (8-10 glasses daily)
Limit foods high in acid content… 14 more words

Health Care Products

Sleepy time tips

Hello Jumblies,
Continuing on the theme of sleep. Here are some tips kindly shared (and slightly altered by me) by Jenny Brown. Jenny is a nutrition guru and knows her stuff! 301 more words


Daily Health Tips: How Can I Prevent Incontinence (Leaking Urine)?

Hallos :D I hope you’ve had a great day so far?

I came across this article from a Harvard Medical School newsletter. It gives five tips to prevent urinary incontinence. 462 more words

What the heck?

Warning: Medical content that will make some people squeamish. This is my Interstitial Cystitis Journey so it’s long as well.

Let me start off by saying this may not be for men.   872 more words