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Blade Runner (1982)

Director – Ridley Scott

Writers – Hampton Fancher, David Webb Peoples, Philip K. Dick (original short story)

When I first saw Blade Runner I was unsure if I actually enjoyed it. 457 more words

Blade Runner

Off World - Tribute to Blade Runner [7min 45 sec]

Created by Philip Askins

Uploaded on Sep 19, 2011

IMPORTANT – don’t watch this video unless you have seen Blade Runner in its entirety. As one of my favourite films I would hate to spoil the story for those who haven’t yest seen it, and this 7 minute version is utterly spoilerific!


What Exactly is the Alien/Predator Universe?

An Editorial by Avery Hinks.

Over the years, there have been many connections between the Alien and Predator movies through feature films, comic books, novels, and even video games. 2,724 more words


Pack your bags - we've found out where the hidden city in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade is

Think all the sets you see in the movies are CGI or polystyrene? Think again.

If you’ve got even a hint of film nerd about you, there’s a good chance you’ll freak out over getting to visit these real life film sets. 642 more words


The Early Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick
Dover Publications, 2013.

Philip K. Dick was a giant of the sci-fi community. His mind-bending novels like A Scanner Darkly and… 353 more words


Blade Runner Geisha Eating Candy

The Original

Jason Eaton remix

Blade Runner Immersive Cinema

Alexis Rhee – where is she now?

The song is Ogi no Mato (The Folding Fan as a Target). 34 more words


Blade Runner (1982)

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a movie whose brilliance and expertise in the sci-fi genre was never fully appreciated until years after its release. There are still plenty of people who find this movie to be greatly overrated, and that’s ok. 1,280 more words