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Happy Birthday, Rutger Hauer

His improvised “tears in rain…” moment is the perfect denouement to Blade Runner. Forever Roy Batty


Cat and Cat: David Lynch or An Unhealthy Fascination With Dick?

Pausing in the doorway to the den, she asked,”Why are you watching the end of Nine and a Half Weeks?”

“I’m trying to figure out what the hell happened to Mickey Rourke.” I sipped my coffee without looking up at her. 376 more words


January with the Replicants

For the first month of the year I watched Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner from 1982. Now this is a unique film in that I had to watch it twice in order to formulate a proper opinion. 221 more words


Constructing Self Consciousness Through Representations of Commodified Technology in Blade Runner

Although sometimes subtle, films that contain elements of noir use various means to display some form of self consciousness. This self consciousness can be characterized by a number of different elements and have a wide spectrum of nuances from the overt voice over narration to the subtle acknowledgment of the fantasy being played out on the screen. 3,014 more words

Taylor Morken

Movie Madness


nightmare scene – even features animated sequence

said to have flopped because jimmy stewart was not a credible love interest, but i think the way he played the char made him a very credible creepy stalker which is what he became up to the point he realised judy was in fact medeleine. 180 more words


'Lie' - Original Short Film

“Mono Robotics Industires – Your Future belongs to US”

Directed by Jesse Curtis

DP/Editor: Jesse Curtis

Starring: Elizabeth Cassidy, Bruce Langley and Jesse Curtis Harford

Sound: Harry Hickey/Adam Hurley

Original Film

Let's Talk Sci-Fi - Video Phones

Hey Fellow Sci-Fi Nerds,

As I mentioned in a previous post about flying cars, I’m working on a sci-fi novel, building my world and keeping my fingers crossed.   502 more words