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Dystopia: The Botanical Garden (6/7)

The next painting represents the climax of the series, a glimpse behind the pleasantries of the garden and into its visceral nature. Underground, housed in shoddily arranged glass terrariums, a horde of meager grasses are crowded together, their only light sources are artificial glows of red and green. 462 more words


Roy Batty

Neon fractal light

Defines skyline knife point

Gouging bruise purple night

What is an ocean of concrete tombs

Becomes wire work frame

Electric sodium flare… 161 more words


day #57

something dark for a Saturday night.. If you’ve had a few it’ll give you that stirred in the blood feeling. Everyone loves that..


4 Signs Your Trips are Replicants

I have a lot of great memories seeing the country from the back of my parents’ van. Then I grew up and started taking trips on my own, often as a result of long-distance relationships (which are a lot easier to get into and maintain when you love driving.) 732 more words


Bladerunner Talks Jungle

Bladerunner is renowned for churning out bass-driven dancefloor stompers. With the likes of Ray Keith and Roni Size featuring amongst his main inspirations, the heralded producer has been carrying the jungle flag for over ten years with releases on Dread, Creative Source and Critical. 562 more words


Introducing Bladerunner

Bladerunner #Chickenofthefuture

She has #racerbacks. She is of the #future.

Bladerunner is from the #future. Her sister, Jareth, is from another realm. Something’s going on with these silver sisters.