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Audible - Bladerunner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)

Let’s make no mistake, the Audible Bladerunner narrated by Scott Brick, is actually the unabridged version of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. If you’re expecting the narrated version of the film, with moving speeches from Roy Batty and games of chess between Tyrell and Sebastian, you’re in for a disappointment. 484 more words


Bladerunner 2. Spinner design

This redesign of the spinner is fairly radical, ive taken away the two front engines and ive made the unit more compact and gave it better manoeuvrability. 26 more words

Off world colony

carrying on the blade runner theme, thought id have a go at an off world colony

Goodbye Rachel

Had an idea for this rough tonight, for the opening of bladerunner 2. here we see Deckard on an off world colony and after many years Rachel is found and “Retired”. 42 more words

Tokyo Police State Club

My life, like many of yours, drastically changed a few months ago (has it been that long already?) when the world ripped my umbrella from my hands, then rained horrors, lost innocence, and rain upon me. 1,281 more words

You Are The Blade Runner

Dear Oscar,

I have to admit, that I would have loved to see you running again.

But on the other side is this something you really want to do in future? 51 more words

Oscar Pistorius

What I want to tell you

Dear Oscar ,

the first time I saw you was at the Olympics in London 2012 on TV (perhaps this is because I ‘m not really a sports freak). 123 more words

Oscar Pistorius