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The Blair Witch Project

  • Directed by: Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez
  • With: Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard
  • 81 Minutes
  • Crítica em Português disponível

If you haven’t seen any self-made horror movie yet then probably you haven’t heard of this movie in particular. 698 more words


Upcoming FFR: Marble Hornets (2009)

This week on FOUND FOOTAGE MONTH, we take a look at the well known ongoing (and reviewed to death) Marble Hornets youtube show! It’ll take awhile to get through (it’s been awhile since I approached it) so stay tuned the review of this ongoing several hour project!

Movie Reviews

Found Footage Review: Eyes In The Dark (2010)

The Bad: The characters are horrible, the story is overused and the acting is unforgivable. Name dropping MySpace in 2010?

The Good: The monsters are actually pretty fun, the movie kept me watching and I kinda enjoyed it. 290 more words

Movie Reviews

A Masterclass in Marketing - The Upper Footage

Recently the found footage film genre has hit a wall, failing keep hold of the originality and freshness that followed the release of Paranormal Activity way back in 2007, instead the horror sub-genre has become the stomping ground of B-movie knockoffs of older films, or cliché filled movies that use the found footage aspect to replace character growth, tarnishing all movies that are made in such a way and taking away a lot of the enjoyment that I used to get from this type of film, replacing it with a feeling of dread that I might have wasted more money on a bad film. 444 more words