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What Went Wrong With... The Found Footage Film?

The Found Footage genre is a collection that is home to the worst films in existence. If you’re hankering for some bad acting, bad writing, and bad directing in a single helping; this is the genre for you. 1,226 more words


10 Indie Films That Made It Big

The term independent means not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction. This country was built on independence through revolutionists who took arms against the rule of the British Empire. 1,506 more words


Task 1 - Blair Witch

Production Analysis: The Blair Witch Project


Elizabeth Evam, “Transmedia Television: Audiences, New Media, and Daily Life”

Georgina Brown: s3334348
Transmedia story telling involves a narrative being told over several different platforms. 936 more words

Task1 Research Reports

Proof of the Paranormal

My goal for this was to create a sort of “Blair Witch Project” sort of story where a person is pursued by a slenderman-esque monster. It was certainly something new to try and it was a bit fun. 

{Review} Spellhollow Wood by Joseph Scotti

From Goodreads: Imagine embracing your mother one day, then having no memory of her 24 hours later …

That’s how thirteen year old Marie’s story begins in the spring of 1968. 514 more words

Book Reviews

First Person Horror Films aka Hand Cam Movies

My first “hand camera” movie was The Blair Witch Project which I saw as a kid. Perhaps it was just due to my age but I found it actually a bit creepy. 407 more words


Quick update/short movie reviews

So just a quick update on my life so far:
I’ve been kind of busy with work, so I haven’t been posting much lately. I hung out with Janet on Friday and Sunday, watched some scary movies. 642 more words