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The Obama Bus Rolls Over More People

I have a Liberal friend that I truly called my friend for many years. My friend has a lot of good qualities. I have normally found her to be a reasonable Liberal, but in a recent back-and-forth we had by email about how our Commander-In-Grief was handling the war he doesn’t want to wage, she said something that might have actually put an end to our relationship as far as considering her reasonable. 1,063 more words


'You're remembering it wrong': '24' actor James Morrison has rules for reflecting on 9/11

And nothing captures the spirit of unity like one condescending, self-righteous putz telling us how we should remember this day in history:

If you don't remember who was President on 9/11/01 or are remembering…

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How reassuring! Is Obama 'kickin' the can down the road' with ISIS, too?

Nothing says “leadership” like pre-emptively passing the buck:

On @CNN, WH Deputy NSA Tony Blinken says "it will probably go beyond this Administration to get to the point of defeat" of ISIL.

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'Astounding': Flashbacks shred Obama claim troop withdrawal from Iraq wasn't his decision

Guy campaigns for two years on ending Iraq War. Now says wasn't his decision. Astounding.

— S.M (@redsteeze) August 9, 2014

During his statement on the situation in Iraq before…

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The Last Comic Standing

At one time if you had said that an African-American would be president of the United States people would have thought you were crazy.  Praise God those days are behind us.  1,730 more words

Dr. Robert Owens