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The Polar Vortex, and other reasons to blame Canada

With this winter showing no inclinations of ending anytime soon, I think we can add “polar vortex” to the category of “Phrases We Could Have Lived Without.” 680 more words


Woman Spends Harrowing 45 Minutes Locked Inside Department Store, Live-Tweets The Experience

When you try to leave a store only to discover that you’ve been locked inside and no one is around to help, many thoughts may cross your mind. 426 more words

Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks

Hey, it’s Brett Smiley. Like Joaquin Phoenix, I’m still here. Check Andy’s Twitter feed for photos from Swimsuit events, and send me tips or comments to basmiley@gmail.com or… 713 more words


Fun With VLC... And Hak5

Something got teh f1xx0r5 with the last apt-get upgrade I did because I can get YouTube and internet radio in VLC again without it throwing me a network error or a seg fault. 77 more words