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What Is The Source of Conflict In Our Life?

Please watch the short video below of a recent incident of road rage in San Diego.



Like usual, both parties in this conflict thought the blame lies with the other party. 217 more words

Worth It

Brene Brown spent her life researching shame, never suspecting until one crystalline moment that under her need to excel was a perfectionism that kept her mired in guilt, judgment and blame. 1,047 more words

Know Thyself


dancing can lead to anything…

so be careful…even though this happened many years ago :)

New Zealand


Use every life experience to make you better, stronger and more mindful.


John Newman continue la promotion de son album Tribute

Après le succès du single et de la sonnerie mobile à télécharger de Love Me Again, John Newman continue de promouvoir son premier album. Cet opus qui s’intitule… 75 more words

Sonneries Mobiles

The art of being human

Don’t take the blame for someone else’s mistake, but don’t call it out, either. There is a way to be classy and discreet. As you duck out of a bad situation, just know that justice always wins in the end.


Blame EGO

Regardless of BLAME, a socially conditioned construct in my opinion, used to divide and conquer, that even our governments use to void all responsibility and pass the buck, Human lives are being lost, children, whole families, this is not a problem of one location but one of an entire planets lack of evolution, empathy and compassion, as most are simply stuck in a place of apathy due to their own unconscious thought processes and /or negative self beliefs. 233 more words