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Sometimes we're to be blamed!

Sometimes situations attack us and we whine and cry and blame the unfairness of life when we’re the one’s responsible, being ignorant of the fact that every action has a reaction in that what we did ten years ago could just be what’s affecting us Now.


Negative vs. Positive Energy

I woke up early this morning with an idea in my head. That’s nothing new. There has never been a morning since I was aware that I could think that I didn’t wake up with an idea in my head. 599 more words


How many times have you blamed your success on the circumstances? Other people? Luck?

Usually we tend to blame the outside world for your disgraces and take the credit for our successes. 477 more words


The Blame Aura : muddy brown and red streaked orange

This colour appears in the aura when we habitually either take or too much responsibility or┬ádon’t take any at all.

In the first instance we are… 608 more words


Calvin Harris Feat. John Newman - Blame (BURNS Remix)

Getting on some trap vibes with BURNS’ dirty remix of the mega-hit ‘Blame’. A relatively unknown entity (at time of writing, he only had 10000 Soundcloud followers), BURNS’ gained his big-breakthrough with ‘Midas Touch’, a poppy, yet brooding track, featuring Friday Style favourite Ellie Goulding. 28 more words


Blame Yourself

The only spot to place blame is on yourself.

You should’ve known better.


You could have done this differently.

The faults of others are theirs. 38 more words