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Passing the Blame Means Passing the Shame

A lot of times when an abuse occurs people don’t want to acknowledge it. Our society is not perfect. A lot of abuse occurs and it’s hard to rock the boat and confront it. 487 more words

Placing Blame

A sign made by the higher beings who said
That she was reason why away he went
For by and by her debt had been unpaid… 32 more words


The runaway

Written for this week’s Prompted: A Magical Gift | Tipsy Lit.

It was getting dark by the time Lottie stopped walking. She had been upset and then angry, her heightened emotions propelling her across the fields to the log that crossed the brook; into the woodlands; as far as the railway line; and then beyond to the pasture land on the other side. 512 more words


Own it.

Pump that music up. Pump it so high that every drum beat beats out the feelings from you. Turn it up so loud that it hurts. 218 more words


I didn't do anything wrong!

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” This was one of her most often-said lines, especially at times when she should have taken responsibility for whatever “wrong” she had said or done. 533 more words