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No More Apologies...

I was raised to be ashamed of being a girl.  I apologized for everything and/or felt guilty about everything my entire life.  Even until now. 372 more words

Don't Point Fingers

That’s what I was taught growing it. It made identifying items high on shelves difficult but nonetheless it was the rule. It’s also a good rule to bring into the work place, especially during a crisis. 201 more words

Nik Fuller

Lets all play the blame game

I recently came across an article that amused me no end, initially it made me blood boil a little but then my afterthought was – isn’t it funny that people have an incessent need to blame others for actions & things they have done? 581 more words

Finding Happy

Im sorry

After a break up we tend to blame the other person,but if were honest with ourselves, its not always there fault.

Ive spent all this time blaming him and being angry. 29 more words


My perception of conventional learning is represented by a set of hurdles one more challenging than the last, each representing a certain level of difficulty required to be cleared before one could take on the consequent higher hurdle. 410 more words

day 551: self-corrective statements (blame)

For tonight’s blog, I am sharing some self-corrective statements I wrote for my desteni-i-process assignment today.  Blame is a multi-dimensional beast (well not blaming blame there), but it is a beast, it has so many angles, tunnels, ways and means to survive. 1,090 more words

I’m Mad as Hell and I Don’t Want to Take It Anymore: My Latest Hissy Fit

This past week I have been angry. Pissed off. “Mad as hell.” The little girl inside my head is lying face down on her bed, arms flailing, kicking her legs and screaming into her pillow: “No! 1,322 more words