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Can We Blame Our Fathers?

I’ve had this idea for a post since I started this blog back in January Although I’ve thought about it far too long and have actually changed my perspective on it since, the question still remains to be answered. 512 more words


An Alternative to the Gaza Blame Game

Blame is an interesting phenomenon. Generally when we find ourselves pointing fingers, we can be sure that there’s something we’re not taking responsibility for ourselves. Some reality that we’re not happy with, for which we don’t want to be held accountable. 803 more words


The burden of guilt

I have thought of this subject all day so I figure some of you Readers may be having a problem with your faith and confidence levels. 519 more words

Men Or Women: Who's To Blame?

There seems to be a lot of finger pointing these days. It exists on several levels in modern society. People seem to like to lump themselves into groups and have to have an enemy in some other group that they can blame for all their troubles. 840 more words

Life & Bullshit

fake name 2

You have no idea what I did to Cody and Nicole. If you knew then you would be able to understand how it ruined what they had. 134 more words