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Creative Writing

Writings I

So, I wrote this a few months ago. I think I was at work and listening to some Twenty One Pilots. How funny, I’m wearing one of their T-shirts right now. 409 more words


slut shamming

I went to my first class for graduate school. I loved it. The topic was “The History of Misogyny” there was a lot to say considering the subordination of women that is been part of our social system. 621 more words

A Puddle of Piddle on A Toilet Seat (I Didn't Do It)

Larry and I were in the U District of Seattle the other day. We were there to hear about the options for the Masters program at the Seattle campus of the University of Washington. 431 more words


Opening credits

Consider this a warning… Reading this blog can prove to be one giant waste of your time. I am a self-professed control freak with an obsessive compulsive personality who cannot possibly stop thinking… About anything and everything. 224 more words


When playing tennis play your side of the net

A key distinction between introverts and extroverts is that introverts’ energy and attention tends to focus inward and extroverts’ energy and attention tends to focus outward. 223 more words

Introvert Power

On Unanswered Prayers and Bill Buckner

Every now and then and then again and again, one of you guys get me to thinking about something, or – at the very least – rethinking it. 893 more words