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It's that I want more.

I want more. More than this, more than calories and numbers and the god damn freaking scale that tells me how much I’m worth.

But I don’t know how to change, I just want to quit therapy and pray about it. 269 more words


Blame (a poem)

“As long as I know it’s all coming from you”

Is something you’ve a need to explain

Decisions you choose to own are few

It gives you the right to have them to blame… 124 more words

The Shower Curtain

I had been stepping over the shower curtain for a week. I bought a new one because I couldn’t figure out how to clean the old one. 1,127 more words


12 years of...

Today marks a day that ultimately changed my life forever. Even though the  immediate outcome was good, the long-term outcome I still suffer. Twelve years ago, I was a… 493 more words

Personal Life

The Things You Should Never Tell Yourself

I like going on 9gag from time to time, because it’s a lot of fun. Well, what I mean to say is that it can be a lot of fun. 889 more words

Earn Happiness

My hardcore thighs...

So MJ was whacking my butt and legs with one of those hand warmers on a neck thing… you know, the ones that you boil and then snap the metal thing inside to heat up? 64 more words

Pay the Toll

Give us bread and circus
give us deadly shell games.
Class war is on purpose
three sixty shares the blame.

We war with our brothers… 45 more words