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full time

I don’t care that Cody and Nicole work full time. I’m still going to talk shit until they both stop blaming me and start blaming each other. 17 more words


keepers are pissed

How much longer can they hide it? Remember to blame Nicole Rombaoa for all of your anger. She’s the cause of this all. Or blame her family. 10 more words


Presidents of Honduras, Guatemala: US Partly to Blame for Border Flood - ABC News

Article by Serena Marshall | ABC News

Before they meet with President Obama tomorrow on the border crisis, the presidents of Honduras and Guatemala are out making their positions known today. 158 more words

Foreign Affairs

how would you feel?

Would you want to get blamed for everything? Do you know how annoying it is to be blamed for what you didn’t do? And to be blamed for what someone else did? 35 more words


The Power to Help You Choose

We habitually react to any form of psychological pain that pops into our awareness by looking for the reason it appeared in the first place. But as we are about to discover, our usual behavior here is all a part of our unconscious suffering. 369 more words


So long and thanks for all the fish..

The start of an end and the end of a beginning. That seems to be the way of things when you see the train coming down the tracks. 453 more words

Life Lesson

One Year...

Just like so many others that make it to a year of doing something, I feel a bit of an obligation to review the things that we’ve covered in a way. 368 more words