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Why Pick On the Bermuda Triangle?

Dear Nosy Hal:

My name is Ms. Bermuda Triangle, PhD.

Why is everybody always picking on me?

For example, recently I read the following,  “ video link points out that the missing flight has been traced to a certain individual known as Bermuda Triangle.” (*1) 166 more words

Happy fucking easter.

Hello there… who else hates holidays? People around you celebrating… feeling like they left you behind and went to some magical place where everything is alright and no one cries at night… but it’s all a lie, isn’t it? 350 more words


Writing To Heal

The word heal has the connotation that it means to repair an injury, or cure a disease or condition.  But sometimes the best we can hope for, is that the healing stops a wound from bleeding all the time, though a scar remains to remind us of the incident.  480 more words


A surprising answer

We live in a time where women are becoming more and more independent. To those men that find this subject such a bore, please move on. 554 more words

God is an evil kid with a magnifying glass!

I have heard many people blame God for their circumstances. People I know, people on the TV and in movies, I myself have done it a few times when life gets hard. 736 more words


The Goal is Zen

Alright so a couple things. First, changed the layout of my blog. Thought it could use a bit of a change and I hope you all like it. 693 more words