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Why do they look so gloomy,your eyes? Is it because of winters? Or is it the night?Have you been enduring the moon? Or are you calculating the patterns of stars? 313 more words

The wise are not affected by praise or blame

Selo yathā ekaghano vātena na samīrati,
evaṃ nindāpasaṃsāsu na samiñjanti paṇḍitā.

Just as a solid rock is not shaken by the storm,
even so the wise are not affected by praise or blame. 15 more words

Forgetfulness leaves a bitter taste

It’s finally happened. I’m left with such a bitter taste in my throat.

Lack of organisation and extreme goldfish attention span had me scrabbling in the medicine drawer for the liquid version of prozac because all my pills are gone. 245 more words


Someone else's fault - #Dalai Lama #quote plus comment for #meditation and #reflection

It is very easy to get into blaming mode – seeing anything that is not to your liking as somebody else’s fault. By doing this, you are turning yourself into a victim….and victims suffer. 21 more words


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It's true. The more you own, the more you can improve. The more you blame, the more power you throw away to avoid responsibility, the more you impoverish your entire future to make the fleeting present slightly easier.

Intentional Murder

I spend so much time with new people, they say things they say cut deep but they’re so true.

“He wanted to Intentionally hurt you, he didn’t say it for the fuck of it.

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RhymeLand (poem)

How would life be,
Better or worse,
If our lives were lived
In rhyming verse?

Driving in the car
Slam on the brakes.
Shout out of the window… 88 more words


Without Honesty

If I am not honest with you.

And you are not honest with me.

There will never be a resolution

To our problems.


And you and I?

We can only blame ourselves.

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