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Letter to the Tribune: The Black Rose

A response to a letter printed less than two weeks ago by Gideon now has its reply. A letter from the “Black Rose” arrived in the Tribune office. 154 more words

Letters To The Tribune

Pic: Lisa's Chicken "Blanche" Is Sporting Her Brand New Tail Feathers!!

My chicken Blanche is still living it up in the basement. I couldn’t believe the amazing colors on her tail feathers. It’s absolutely gorgeous.


LISTEN: Sam Hunt Gives Lisa and Ray a Call This Morning!

Sam Hunt is getting ready to play Bub City’s Smokin’ New Country on Tuesday night with Maddie and Tae and The Swon Brothers… he gave Lisa and Ray a call this morning and brought up Lisa’s pet chicken, Blanche! 60 more words


Programs La Maison Blanche

Grand Squire of France (French: Grand √©cuyer de France ), similar to the title Master of the Horse, in charge of the king s stables. … 126 more words


Are you the 'Black Rose'?

Once again an anonymous letter was left in the Tribune Post box.. This time it is a warning to the person who calls themselves the “Black Rose”.¬† 23 more words

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The Most Beautiful Film...

I’ve watched a lot of short films over my time, and I’ve enjoyed a lot of them, too. One came back into my mind though today, and I think you should all give it a watch, as it’s visually stunning. 47 more words


Watch: Lisa's Chicken Blanche Learns How To Play The Piano!

In honor of National Bird Day Lisa has been trying to get her chicken Blanche cultured. She’s trying to teach her how to play the piano.